Why People Hate and Dislike others?

Why People Hate?

Is it because they know something about some people what others don’t?

Most probably than not, it is the opposite. People usually hate the people they know nothing or know very little about. The haters have heard about these people from other people who may or may not have had a genuine reason to be angry with the hated person. As time passes by, this opinion will be consolidated by other bad reviews about the person. This bad opinion will turn to hate if let to simmer. If the person belongs to another caste, religion, race then it becomes easy to hate the whole community.

In digital marketing we know that many times consumers will definitely read reviews of other customers before deciding to buy. But it is also a fact that 68% of consumers will form an opinion with only 1 to 6 reviews.

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Facts about Hatred

Recently after Facebook was accused of polarising people with its algorithm, a study found that most people who interacted with other communities read polarising posts but were not affected by them. People with little interaction with other communities were the most aggressive in their hate.

This fact was highlighted by videos of a Jewish vlogger. His question to random Jewish people of Israel was about their opinion of Palestinian Muslims. The responses varied of course. But the people who hated the Palestinians most were found to be people who had actually never even met Palestinians. A couple of men in separate interviews actually praised Palestinians and they were found to be people who lived at the border and interacted with Palestinian Muslims every day.

Causes of Hatred

The hatred we see for black people in America is usually from those white people who live in complete white neighborhoods. In this scenario if the news that you watch shows a community in bad light your opinion will get worse. And most white people who hate Blacks watch Fox news.

Back home we see hatred for Muslims from those Hindus whose only introduction with Muslims is through hate speeches of Hindu right wing hate mongers. There is a similar equation of Hindus and dalits and Christians and of course vice versa is applicable.

It is easy to fill a mind with hatred when someone doesn’t know anything about the other person. Talking good about someone will probably make you neutral about that person. But talking bad about a person will make you hate him.

The only solution is better intermingling of people. This too is discouraged by community leaders for fear of dilution of original thought and original seed – inter community marriages. That is hate for change or hate of the unknown.

This is the reason many Maharashtrians hate North Indians. Mostly for ruining a nice city like Mumbai and taking away jobs. North Indians are also blamed for corruption and the huge crowds in the city especially the local trains. Maharashtrians suspect all North Indians to have a criminal back ground which they had fled to come to Mumbai and the increasing theft and rape statistics in the state was due to them.

I was surprised that I was the first Muslim that a colleague of mine had interacted with. And she confessed that she believed Muslims to be very aggressive people before she met me. I am sure she was trying not to offend me.

So before making bad opinions or hating people try meeting them and talking to them to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding and fights. There are people who make profit by spreading hatred. If you are not one of them, then you could try to benefit by peaceful co existence.

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