Making technology Work for Education

using technology to teach and learn

The biggest pain points of Indian education are lack of resources, you can read that as  Qualified teachers and time for these teachers so that they can help children in need of guidance. Any parent whose child is not performing in school will take you the reason – the teacher. Teachers are people who tell the child what to study […]

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Our Education System Needs a Revamp


The education system needs a revamp. Almost everybody knows that. So the question is why doesn’t anybody do something about it? Students do not gain anything from their years in school. It is like 10 precious years of school thrown away in hope that one day the child will learn something. In the meanwhile there are businesses that benefit from […]

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Communicate in clear and simple language

communicate clearly

The use of plain and simple English is better than saying something that is incomprehensible or could have more than one meaning. If the people you are talking to have to ask for a clarification you are not a good communicator. Believe me, as a copywriter I know how important it is to be as simple and plain as possible. […]

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Let’s Get Digital Education


There is no doubt that education is a large service market and one of the safest investment areas in the country now. Unfortunately, our system and process of teaching is still the same. India’s education budget coupled with huge philanthropic donations both domestic and internationally is not being able to solve our education problem. Approximately 58% of the children who […]

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The Demographic Advantage and our Education System?


The much touted Indian Demographic Advantage has been languishing and trying to find its way to a better life. Unfortunately, the powers that be haven’t been able to provide the jobs they had promised and the parents have their own ideas regarding their children’s careers. The question now is not how many hands we have on deck but that if […]

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The Race for a Faster News Platform


Google racing towards a Faster News Platform The news is in the news again. The race for the being the most popular news provider has been on for ages. However, in the technology-age the ones who could win the race are people who will offer you the news in short concise form. This is because of a growing number of […]

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CBSE Class 12th Exams 2016


The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has released the datesheet for Secondary School Examinations (Class 10). The exams for class 10 and class 12 will start from March 1. The CBSE exams for class 10 will continue till March 28, while class 12 will end on April 22. Tuesday, 01 March 001 ENGLISH ELECTIVE 101 ENGLISH ELECTIVE-C 301 ENGLISH […]

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