Why is Learning English Important for us

Other than the important fact that English is a universal language and most education is done and preferred in English. So why is learning English important? A lot of latest news, especially technology and science, is distributed and published in English. The local news in your local language will publish cutting edge news only if the editor believes there are enough people out there reading his paper or watching his channel who really want to know what’s happening in the world. Communication Skills are one of the most important life skills in any ‘lifeskill’ list you may find.

English for Search Engine Knowledge

Although Google is improving by the day – even in local languages – knowledge of English helps you get better results, faster. Google search engine relies on search terms that are put in by users and the results depend on what these researchers are clicking on from the search engine results. But knowing the terms or words that you are looking for greatly helps in getting the right results.

English in the office and at work

Managers look for people who are good at communication and relationship building and prefer employees who know English along with the local language. In India, English is one of the more popular languages. In fact, it is one of the official languages of India. If working anywhere in the world is something that excites you then speaking English will help you get there and communicate with your new colleagues before you learn the local language of the country. Effective communication is the key to get work done in work places.

English for Self Promotion

While you work on a job or independently you’ll find that knowing English helps you work and interact with peers and bosses better. It helps if you communicate in simple language too. If you say: You may do it, it means you’ll probably do some work (whatever is the work being talked about), but if you say ‘You will do it’ means that you will definitely do the work that is being talked about. Knowing the difference will help you use the words carefully and to your advantage.

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English to use technology

Believe it or not, but I found, I could use a lot of technology because I can read English. Although the use of technology is getting easier by the day, there was a time when I noticed many people asking me to help them out when they needed to use or restart home appliances and personal computers. Many people knew how to use basic appliances like mixers and ovens, but a little more complex machinery and they would be at sea. Like operating one of those all in one food factories that help you grind stuff, chop, juice, crush and make dough. Or using the microwave oven. Even when the basic home appliances shut down for no reason people looked for English literate guys to solve their problems for free or in lieu of a cup of tea because the solution used to be in the instruction manual itself. Machines including home appliances, televisions, even cars are becoming smarter and if you know how to read instructions they become very easy to use. As things get smarter, they do not get easier. Connecting smart appliances to other devices becomes easy once you follow given instructions – which are usually in English. 

English for using computers

Learning computers was simple for those who knew English. The only computer courses I knew during early age were coding. They are still popular. When Microsoft launched MS Windows OS I learned it simply by navigating my way around. Everything was in English and drop down menus. It took me maybe a month, but I knew what to do to get the result I wanted. Even if I did not know the command, I simply looked for it by searching through the menu. I saw people who were not proficient in English struggling to command MS Office and MS Word.

Conclusion – English language as a life skill

These are just a few reasons to learn English. There are many which maybe specific to individuals who want to learn the English language as a life skill for themselves. Someone wants to write in English. English is the more preferred language on the internet and this person wants to take advantage of the reach the net can give him or her, and that’s why learning English becomes important for them.

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