4 Lifestyle hacks from Jack Reacher the series

Recently, I got the chance to binge watch season 1 of the webseries, Reacher. I have not read the books by Lee Child, so my only background knowledge about the series was the Tom Cruise movies. Honestly, I liked them. Imagine my shock when I saw a giant of a man portraying Jack Reacher. Honestly that stare in the introduction scene wasn’t convincing for me at all, but yes anybody could be intimidated by the size of the man. As I watched the episodes I found that this guy had not received any super soldier chemical injections, but somehow was like Captain America and the cyborg kind of dudes in Universal Soldiers. He effortlessly broke bones yet was as intelligent as Sherlock Holmes. A couple of skin shows were thrown in before wrapping up the  season with a  Stallone style guns blazing action. Here, however, our man mountain walks out without a scratch. This is not to say I did not enjoy it. I did. Immensely. Everytime I watch a movie or series I always feel like becoming the protagonist for some time. So if we could learn something from Jack Reacher what could it be?

Always Travel Light

I did like the fact that Jack Reacher traveled light. I too hate hauling suitcases around. In fact, I noticed he didn’t have a wallet either, another thing I hate carrying around. Although the cash is important. This way he is ever ready to fight, run and do whatever needs to be done. A credit card would have been handy, but I understand this man doesn’t want to leave a trail. He did say his pension was wired to his account and he did have to retrieve it for expenses. Since I would not be fighting and killing people around me, I would carry some plastic money and some cash, but definitely travel light.

Catch up on your sleep whenever

Another thing I noticed about this guy was he caught up on his beauty sleep wherever possible. Like in the prison, where they try to kill him and even when he was on the run. Sleep is one thing you should not neglect even if you are super busy. Lack of sleep makes you slow in action and in thought. Your reactions will be late or incorrect. So if you are so busy that you don’t have time to breathe, then catch up on your beauty sleep wherever you get space. You can also compensate by taking small naps on the desk or while traveling (no need to worry since you are traveling light, remember!).

Buy things you need and invest the rest

The only thing I saw this guy spent money on was an inconspicuous, old car for a stake out. Which means he spent  money only on necessary things. I mostly saw him buying clothes, mostly tees, and food, other than some much needed weapons. Another thing we learn from Jack Reacher is to buy things we need rather than buying what we want. Also invest money when needed, if you have the extra cash. 

Don’t talk until you have to

Jack Reacher says he talks when he wants to. Which is a great use of resources. Always say something when you have something productive or constructive to add to the conversation. Don’t speak only because your voice should also be heard. Nelson Mandela recalled that although his father was the chief of his tribe he would always speak last, after everyone had spoken. So don’t waste words just to prove you are intelligent. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Keep on doing what you are good at and let your success speak for you. 


There could be more things and I may have missed out. You can add your own points to the ones given above, but a simple lifestyle is one anybody would recommend to be successful.