English Reading Practice Essays, Stories, Conversation

Introduction About Myself

Talking About Yourself

Talking about self and friends with possessive and preposition

Talking about someone

Describe Your Favourite Sport

At the Airport

Restaurant Review

Going Shopping

Cricket Match between India and Pakistan

Movie and Television serial Reviews

Meenal’s Visit to Her Village

Announcement, Notice, Circular from School or College Management

Visit to the Zoo

My Train Journey

Having breakfast

At a Wedding

Describing Things


The Qutb Minar

The Taj Mahal

The Eiffel Tower

Describing / Talking about Events

Cricket Match between India and Pakistan


Independence Day

Guru Purnima Story and Indian Spiritual Gurus

Raksha Bandhan

Decision making made easy

Describe Your Favourite Sport

Mother’s day, What is it? Why do we celebrate. Bonus – An Essay

Father’s Day – When and Why do we Celebrate.

World No Tobacco Day – Save Health, Save Environment

International Tea Day, History and Significance

Buddha Purnima, History, Celebrations and Greetings

International Nurses Day, History and Theme

Raksha Bandhan Essay – A Bond of Love

Narrating a story

Falling Hard & Standing Up – The Crippled Boy

Indian Education System and Urmila, the Little Sad Girl