Basic English Learning for Beginners

Welcome to Basic English Learning with Sauban Sir.

This is your first step to improve your English Speaking Fluency.

This FREE Basic English Learning Course is the syllabus and a repository of videos that will help you to learn English step by step from Zero.

This course is designed to help you learn English at your own pace. Watch the videos and answer the questions that have been provided on the page to improve your English.

Learn to Read, Write, Speak, Understand English. Improve your vocabulary and pronunciation. This will help you talk confidently, discuss issues and debate about current affairs.

Let’s start

Basic English Course

Yeh course kis ke liye hai – Who is this course for?

Course ka faida kaise uthana – How to benefit from the Course

Akshar / Huruf ki Awaz – English Alphabet Phonic Sounds and Examples

Naam ke Shabd – Introduction to Nouns

Kisi ek cheez ki baat karna – Intro to article – Indefinite article

Yeh Woh – Nazdeek aur door ki cheezein batanaThis That – Demonstrative Pronoun

Hai kaise bolna haiThe Linking verb is helping verb

Yaha aur WahaEnglish Grammar Here There – Meaning and Use

Ek se zyada kaise kahe – Plural Noun Form – More than one

Are ek se zayda ke liye istemaal karna hai – English Grammar Plural Verb Are

Kaunse cheezey gin sakte hai – Countable and Uncountable Nouns

Cheezon ke baare mei batao – What is Adjective in English Grammar Definition and Examples

Koi Khaas cheez – The definite article, definition, uses and examples

Baat karne wale aur sunne wale – Points of view – First person, Second Person and Third Person

Yeh kaha hai upar neeche agey peechey – Prepositions

Yeh nahi hai – Negative – This is not

Kaun, Kya, Kaha – who, what, where questions

Yeh mera woh tera – Possessive

Kya yeh Sach hai? Confirmation Yes or No Question

Chalo kucch action karte hai – Introduction to verb or action words

Yeh to hota hai – Simple present tense

Waqt ki baat – Talking about time

Kab, When

Mere pass hai – Have, has

Mere baare mei – Introduction about myself

Kucch Practice karle – Essays about yourself

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