Mother’s day, What is it? Why do we celebrate. Bonus – An Essay

How do you celebrate a day that is dedicated to someone who is your friend for life and whose love is unconditional? Mother’s day is an attempt to thank the woman who carries a child in her womb, ensures safety it’s safety and does everything possible for the well being of the child.

What is Mother’s Day?

Mother’s are our support systems all our lives. Children rely on mothers for everything, while young adults cannot do most work without mother’s support. Even in adulthood when we are married or living with a companion we depend on our mothers to give us emotional support. However, in spite of all this, mothers are usually taken for granted. On this day children try to make mothers feel special showering them with special attention, love and mother’s day gifts.

Why celebrate Mother’s Day?

We celebrate Mother’s Day to dedicate at least one day to mothers who dedicate their lives to us. Mothers care for their children whether they are Children, teenagers or adults. The minimum contribution of mothers is taking care of our daily needs 24 X 7 everyday. Other than that she makes sure you are taken care of when you fall ill, talks to you when you are depressed or dejected, shares your happiness even for the smallest achievement while being your first teacher and guide. Not to mention the fact that she will endlessly worry about you whether you stay with her or in some other city.

The importance of Mother’s Day

Mothers play an important role in our lives. They are our first connection to the world and our first teachers and friends. A mother is the biggest influence to shape us into the personality that we believe we are. This is an opportunity to thank mothers for all the contributions they’ve done to our lives, that cannot be repaid.