Any, Every, Some, No – Prefix words and how to use them

There are four words that we can use to talk about people and actions in general. Those words are any, some, every, and no.

These four words can be used as prefix to other words to show general information about some work or situation. When someone wants to say that a job is easy s/he will say anyone can do it or everybody can do it. On the other hand if somebody wants to say that some work is particularly difficult s/he will say no one can do it. Similarly, when we want to talk in general terms about someone well we use the work someone or somebody. Here are some examples you could use.

With the word ‘body’

any body, everybody, somebody, nobody

Is anybody in the room?

Anybody can open this door.

Anybody been here recently?

Everybody comes here.

Everybody knows that story.

Somebody should know how to start this machine.

Somebody is very clever because he didn’t left finger prints.

Nobody knows I am here.

Nobody should go through such pain.

Why did nobody inform me?

using the words with ‘one’

anyone, everyone, someone, no one.

There is hardly any difference in the usage.

Is anyone there?

Anyone can open this door.

It is anyone’s guess what may have happened here.

Did anyone see you leave the office?

Everyone comes here.

Everyone knows that story.

Everyone should come to my party.

I’ll call everyone who has some knowledge of chess.

Someone should know how to start this machine.

Is there someone in the office who has access to this cabin.

No one should know I am here.

No one is allowed entry to this place.

Why did no one inform me about this predicament.

With “Thing”

anything, everything, something, nothing.

Is there anything in the house that I can eat

You cannot do anything to help.

Is there anything we can do?

We have done everything we could think of.

Everything is on the table.

Something is not right.

Is there something we can do?

There is nothing you can do.

Nothing in this world can compensate for his loss.

With “Where”

anywhere, everywhere, somewhere, nowhere

That diamond ring could be anywhere in the house.

I looked everywhere for it.

It must be somewhere in the house.

I can’t find it anywhere.

That ring is nowhere to be found.

with “Way”

anyway, every way, someway, no way.

Is there anyway I could help you?

My staff will cooperate in every way possible.

There may be some way you could refund the money.

There is no way you can make me give you my money.