Talking about self and friends with possessive and preposition

Reading practice for students who have learned how to use adjectives and possessives so that they understand how to make sentences. Also used are pronouns and prepositions.

Exercise 1


I am Salim.

My name is Salim Khan.

This is my phone.

It is white in colour.

It is an IPhone

It is an expensive phone.

This is my car.

It is a red Mercedes.

The Mercedes is a luxury car.

The white iPhone and the red Mercedes are mine.

Exercise 2


I am Reshma.

My name is Reshma Shah.

This is my bag.

It is a Gucci Bag.

It is a pink leather bag.

Gucci is a luxury brand.

My shoes are Jimmy Choo.

Jimmy Choo is also an expensive brand.

This pink leather bag and the brown shoes are mine.

Exercise 3

This is Anil.

He is my friend.

He is an Engineer.

This is his helmet.

This is his bag.

It is a black leather bag.

These are Anil’s things.

The orange helmet and the black bag are Anil’s.

That is my friend Anil.

These things are his.

Exercise 4

This is Seema.

She is my sister.

She is a doctor.

This is her stethoscope.

This is her white coat.

The white coat and the stethoscope are hers.

Exercise 5

This is my friend Amir.

This is his book.

It is a red book.

This is my book.

My book is blue.

These are our books.

Our books are neat and clean.

That is Anil.

His book is green in colour.

That is Salman.

The brown book is his.

Those books are theirs.

Their books are dirty and torn.

Exercise 6

This is Salman.

This is Akshay and that is Ranveer.

They are my friends.

They all are engineers.

They are all very qualified engineers.

This is Geeta.

That is Alia and that is Deepika.

They are my friends too.

They are doctors.

They are highly specialized doctors.

Exercise 7

Hi! I am Kabir.

I am a boy. 

I am tall. 

This is my friend Kunal.

He is also tall.

I am taller than Kunal.

That is Reshma.

Reshma is a girl.

She is clever. 

She is not tall.

Kunal is taller than Reshma.

Reshma is beautiful.

She is more beautiful than Kavita.

Kavita is Reshma’s friend.

Kavita is fairer than Reshma. 

She is shorter than her.

Reshma is a student.

Kavita is a student too.

There is an apple on the table.

It is Reshma’s apple.

It is a red apple. 

The apple is big. 

There are two apples on the table.

One apple is Kavita’s.

Kavita’s apple is green.

The green apple is bigger.

There is an orange on the chair.

It is Kunal’s.

The orange is small.

There are two guavas on the chair.

Those guavas are mine.

One guava is for Kunal and one guava is for me.

Kunal is an Engineer. He is a good engineer.

His office is in Delhi. His office is big. His office is in a tall building.

He is in my office. My office is in a small building.

There is a coffee maker in my office.

There is hot coffee in the coffee maker.

We are in my office near the coffee maker.

Kavita and Reshma are here.

They are interns in my office.