Point of View – First Person, Second Person, Third Person in English Grammar

Point of view in any language means naming the people in any conversation. It is obvious that when two people talk, one is the speaker and the other is the listener.

Point of view in English Grammar

In English language the speaker is called “first person” and the listener is called “second person”. It is possible that a group of people has a conversation with another group of people. This conversation maybe oral or written. However, remember that in this scenario also the speaker is usually one person. Lots of people talking at the same time cannot be a conversation.

english grammar 1st person+2nd person+3rd person

Point of view first person definition

In case of one person doing the talking, in other words a single person is talking he will always address himself as “I”. If the first person is a group of people or an organisation, then the they will address themselves as “we”. Whoever the speaker is he will always address himself as “I” or “WE”.

Point of view first person example

I am a writer.
I am going to my friend’s house.
I want a burger

Point of view second person

Remember the speaker is still talking and when he addresses the person he is speaking, he will call him, her or them as “YOU”.

Point of view second person example

Would you like something to eat.
You are a nice person.