English Grammar Plural Verb Are

Plural verb Are is a word that we use when using a plural noun. So when we use bats instead of bat and we want to say these. We say these are bats. We have already learned to say these instead of this when we talk of more than one. We have also learned to say those if we talk about things that are far from us. And instead of saying is that we were using with singular nouns we use are. When using plural nouns the sentence changes to correctly talk about the plural form of the verb.

Why we use are:
More than one.
To state the present.


I am a boy – We are boys.

With singular we used I and am. Also for indefinite an article was necessary in this case a because we are using a word that starts with b. But for plural we use we and boys. To link these words and to state the present we use are.

He is an engineer – They are engineers.

She is a doctor – They are doctor.

You are an athlete – You are athletes

Note: You is used for single and plural

I am a tall man – We are tall men

Note: the adjective doesn’t change.

He is a football player – They are football players.

Note: only the noun that needs to be changed will become plural. Football here is the name of the game.

This is a table – These are tables.

This is a black table – These are black tables.

That is an airplane – Those are airplanes.

That is a big ship – Those are big ships.