English Grammar Plural Form of Nouns with Examples

What is the plural form of nouns.? One in other words is singular. In English anything more than one is called Plural.

Plural nouns, regular and irregular

There are words that name everything we want to talk about. The easiest way to name these words are nouns or names of persons, places, animals and things. What if you want to say there are more than one thing. Like one boy. But two boy. No. We use an s after the word to show that it is more than one. Two boys. But there are more ways to mention a noun that is more than one.

Adding an s

book books, car cars, dog dogs, egg, eggs,

Nouns that end in s, sh, x, ch

boss bosses, bus buses, class classes, marsh marshes, fish fishes, fox foxes, tax taxes, house houses, lunch lunches

Nouns that end in f fe

wolf wolves, knife knives, wife wives, life lives, shelf, shelves

roof roofs, chef chefs, chief chiefs, belief beliefs

Nouns that end in y

city cities, puppy puppies

boy boys, ray rays – vowel before y

Nouns that end in o

potato potatoes, tomato tomatoes, volcano volcanoes

photo photos, piano pianos

Nouns that end in us

cactus cacti, focus foci,

Nouns that end in is

analysis analyses,

Doesn’t change