Phrasal verbs list examples and exercises

Phrasal verbs are words that come together to form a meaning that is usually a command or request. The phrase may have two or more words one of them being a verb and the other may be a preposition or particle. The phrase is usually used in a sentence to show an accepted and understood meaning like “stand up” or “sit down”.

Phrasal verbs examples

Look after: Take care – Who will look after the baby while we’re gone.

Call off: Cancel -I have called off the meeting.

Look Into: Check – Please look into the John Doe case tomorrow.

Come up: Find – He really needed someone to come up with the solution.

Fill up: I want you to fill up my mug.

Phrasal verbs list

Phrasal verbs exercise

Make up : invent – like an excuse – He makes up the most ridiculous excuses for coming late.

Break in(to)- to enter – illegally – The thief broke into Mr Sharma’s house last night.

Try on – wear something to find out how it looks – you must try on the dress before you buy it.

Take down – to bring down – We must use the ladder to take the board down. The military general was planning to take the government down

Pay back – to return money. To receive payment for something. Revenge. – It’s time to payback the money you borrowed. He has been working in this firm for many years, his promotion is payback for his loyalty. The moon has been rubbing this business for long. Now it’s payback time.

Come on – be quick, speed up. Come on, we have to be on time.

Fill up – Fill something – full up this tank with water. We may need it later.

Sort out – take care of a problem – Sort out your problems before getting married.

go on – to continue – Go on home while I go get something from the store