How to Learn English Speaking Fast

Every skill development starts with the why? Whatever skill you want to learn or improve you need to work towards a goal. If you don’t have a goal, your resolve will fade with time just like most of your new year resolutions and you will find that you have stopped what little you have been doing. Similarly, the reason you want to Learn English Speaking should be good.

Reasons to Learn English Speaking

If you are trying to Learn English Speaking or trying improve your English because your friends are doing it or someone has told you that speaking good English is a good thing to do or worse, someone (read parent) has forced you to do it then you will end up not doing what needs to be done and you would have wasted your time trying to please someone else. Though I must add here that if you have the opportunity to improve your English do not waste it. You may not get the chance again soon or you may realize that you need to learn English fluency at a later stage in life, but you’ll probably have other problems to take care of.

तेज़ी से इंग्लिश स्पीकिंग कैसे सीखे

How to Learn English Speaking

Once you have decided that English needs to be a part of your growth story, you will want to jump on to and swim in the vast pool of English language. However, there is no single exercise to Learn English Speaking. You will have to read, write, listen and speak English. Just like swimming, which involves moving your hands, feet, breathing and seeing where you are going there is no single activity to master the art of speaking English. And just like swimming you have to dive in to completely Learn English Speaking fluently like an expert.

Learn English Speaking

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Focus and consistency – Do it Right and Do it Consistently.

If you join a class or take the help of another person remember it is you who will have to turn up every day consistently. Sometimes your interest levels maybe be high and some days it may be low, but turning up everyday come hell or high water is what is going to make you fluent in speaking English.

The first thing after you decide to learn Learn English Speaking and writing or anything for that matter, is to make a time table. You have to make efforts to learn regularly. Come hell or high water. When you start you are usually in high spirits. However, after some time when you find that learning anything is not all a bed of roses, then your interest begins to weaken. That’s why whatever your state of interest, which will increase and decrease with time, you will have to turn up in class or do what you are doing consistently. To keep your interest levels high make your learning enjoyable and easy to do. If you are enjoying your activities then learning becomes easy. On really bad days when you are really not feeling like doing anything do what comes easily. At least this way you’ll revise what you know.

Learn English Speaking

Find an English Speaking Companion

If you want to talk in English fluently you will have to start talking in English. Never stop yourself from speaking because you think people will laugh at you or you will look like an idiot. Also you believe that one day when you learn English perfectly, that day you’ll start speaking in English. English speaking is a skill you’ll have to acquire by doing. If you don’t start today then that perfect day will never come. The question is who do you talk to.

You need a person who knows and talks English and is willing to be your speech companion. This could be a friend who can speak, understand and even explain English words and phrases to you. You could also try to find an English trainer or mentor. This person needs to give you at least an hour of the day to talk to you. This also means you will have to take an hour out of your schedule so you can practice. Once you have mutually agreed to the time, you need to religiously turn up or call and talk for an hour. You could talk about the weather or a topic you’ve agreed upon earlier. 

Similarly you find people who want to talk in English to improve themselves. There are clubs that get together just to practice English speaking. Usually there is a coordinator who knows English. 

Singing Songs and Understanding Your Favourite Singers

Songs and poetry are the highest form of any language. The amount of vocabulary and the grip on grammar that you need to write and understand poetry and song is very high. But there is no harm in trying to sing along with popular singers and their lyrics are found easily online.

Read What Interests You

Learn English Speaking

You need to start reading. Read what interests you. You don’t have to read stuff that bores you and makes you avoid reading. Many good natured people will advice you to start reading newspapers. Which is a good idea. Unfortunately, not many people are interested in reading the news since it is available in video format. However, there are many types of newspapers. There is the broad sheet. The normal big pages that you see many uncles reading leisurely has hardcore news. But it also has a health, entertainment, business and sports section. There are tabloids, that usually focus on entertainment and there are fortnightly and monthly magazines which cater to various subjects and some of them can be very niche. If you like stories, there are magazines that have short and long stories. Other than those you can pick up books that have short stories or novels. There is no dearth of reading material, you can choose from whatever suits you best. Start reading today to Learn English Speaking.

Techniques to Learn English – Listening

Understanding what other English speakers are saying is an important part of learning English speaking. This way you learn pronunciation and diction. It is also a great way to learn new words and phrases. An English speaker who knows the language well can be a great companion who can help you understand the Vocabulary and pronunciation. Your companion can also read to you the latest news or stories. Watching Hollywood movies and English serials can help you learn the latest phrases that are trending in native English speaking Nations. Listening without video also helps to understand the different pronunciations of vocabulary. You can Learn English Speaking by listening to podcasts of popular speakers or discussions of your favorite topics. Write down what you learn and go through it later. A mentor or English coach, if handy, can be a great resource to discuss the new words and phrases you hear.

Techniques to Learn English – Writing

Writing is an important part of learning any language. Writing helps cement the words and phrases in your memory. Most people think in their native language and then translate their thoughts into English. Writing is a great way to organise your thoughts and form proper sentences. It is a great way to show your English companion or teacher your progress. Write down things you’ve learned by reading, watching videos, listening and talking to someone. Make points and discuss with yourself on paper what you could have said differently. Writing is also a great way to find out your comprehension. Write essays of the things you’ve learned or the discussion that was happening in the podcast you listened to recently. It will give you much more clarity about the things you’ve heard and seen. Listening is a great way to Learn English Speaking.

You can make flash cards to memorize new words and phrases

Taking tests after each English training exercise will definitely help you. Make up tests and ask yourself different questions about the videos or podcasts you’ve seen and listened to.

Learn English Speaking

Thinking fast and quick

It is important to start thinking in English. But it is not easy. We have a tendency to think in our native language and then translate the words into English. This also is the reason why we make some mistakes. Mistakes like placing words in the incorrect order including grammar words are common because of our habit of translation. How do you get over this hurdle on your road to Learn English Speaking?

Start talking to yourself. I, me and myself

The only way to start thinking in English is make your thought process work in English. Many times we go over conversations we have had or are going to have. We plan what we will do or contemplate what we could have done better. It is natural. What we need to do is start doing this exercise in English. Will you make mistakes? Of course you will. Should that stop you from talking to yourself in English? Definitely not. If you find talking to yourself a bit self conscious and not easy, then start with describing an object that you see in front of you. You can do this anywhere. You can narrate a story you know. The field of day dreaming is vast. Take your pick. You can talk to yourself loudly and in your mind depending on where you’re sitting. If your are at a public space you can imagine talking to yourself regarding something you see or you can call your friend and describe to him what you see.