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When you meet someone – whether you know them or you don’t you have to greet them and if you don’t know them you should know how to introduce yourself. 

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How to greet someone ?

When you meet someone you need to know how to break the ice or start a conversation. If the conversation is going to be in English then you also need to know how to introduce yourself in English. You need to ask some questions and answer questions that come your way. Here’s something to get you started.

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Here are some examples of greetings

You could use the time of the day:

Good morning, Good afternoon or Good evening

Or you could be informal or casual and say:

Hi or Hello

In case you are meeting the person for the first time you should tell them your name:

Hi! My name is …

Ask him a question

How are you?

If he or she asks you the same question the your answer should be :

I am fine

What’s your name?

The person you are talking to will probably reply.

My name is …

Then you come down to business. If you are visiting an office or if the person who you have met wants to know more about you. He or she will ask:

What can I do for you?


How may I help you.

If the conversation is casual then the person will say:

What brings you here?

Where did you come from? OR Where are you from?

I am from…

Where are you staying?

I am staying at …

What do you do?

What are you doing here?

What brings you here?

I am an engineer, doctor, mechanic.

I came here to ….

I am here to meet ….

I am here for an appointment …

Going away or saying bye

Good night if you are leaving at night or have a good day during the day


Nice to meet you. OR Glad to meet you.

When you are not feeling well:

I have a fever

I have a cold

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