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You want to learn English and the Free basic English learning course is good for people who do not know basic English. Welcome to the Basic English Course.

Many people like you are looking for an English learning course because they are not sure where to find a good tutor who can help them learn English and there onward help them speak English fluently.

English speaking is a skill that needs to be acquired and has been growing in popularity over the years. In India there are many students who go through schooling in their native language and have English as a second or third language. Unfortunately, their learning of English is not of high standard and they are unable to learn correct English even though they learn the language for more than just a couple of years. Our Free English Learning Course Online is specially for those students who know little or no English. These students would like to learn more and ultimately would like to speak English fluently.

Basic English Learning Course

What is a Basic English Learning Course? A basic English Course is where students can learn English grammar, learn some vocabulary and practice to make new sentences. That is the way to learn English and any language you want to. You can learn to read any language this way. However, to speak any language you need to practice speaking frequently. Now to find an English speaker in the immediate vicinity is not easy. If there had been, you would already be speaking English on your own.

English speaking course online free

Given below in the link to our Basic English Speaking course online free. I have done my best to align the course to teach the English language to students who are at the start of the journey. But they are not zero. You need to know at least the alphabet.

What to do to learn English speaking?

This course helps you improve your English speaking by self studies and learning your own pace. However, if you really want to speak English fluently, then you need a mentor or a learned companion who can guide you with a plan. A plan is compulsory and you cannot blindly learn pieces of information to speak English fluently.

3 steps to English learning

English can be learned in three steps

  1. Learning English – the language – reading and understanding the language when someone speaks. Of course there is a little bit of the second part which is 
  2. Mastering English writing – writing in a compelling way, speaking superbly like an orator. Writing helps you align your thoughts. It is like speaking slowly and with a chance to correct yourself when you are wrong.
  3. Speaking English – speaking fluently, using the right words. Once you start speaking you will realize that once the words come out of your mouth you cannot take them back. If your confidence level is low those words may not even come out because you will be struggling to remember what to say. You may even just talk fast trying to finish sentences quickly.
  4. Speaking superbly like an orator. Thinking in English. Here you have mastered English language and when you speak people hang by every word you say.

This free Basic English Course takes care of the first part. That is learning the English language so that you can read and understand. Of course you will be able to talk too.

This basic English course syllabus has been prepared after teaching hundreds of students. I have made this course structure keeping in mind all the problems faced by students who come to learn English. So stay tuned as I add videos and notes to the Free English Course. Once done you will be able to access my Free English speaking Course Book. 

Improve English Grammar

As you progress through the course, you will be able to form correct English sentences and speak confidently. You will be able to ask questions and answer questions asked by your friends, family and relatives. You will confidently talk about your likes and dislikes, chat about your hobbies and activities.

Improve your English Vocabulary

After you have gone through this basic spoken English course you will know enough words to add to your arsenal so that when you talk you can express your ideas freely without worrying about forgetting words you need to communicate.

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FREE Basic English Learning Course

If you want an English Learning Plan We have made one for you and you can access if here. You can follow this step by step plan and learn Basic English.

Basic English Learning Course Free

✓ Video lectures
✓ Reading
✓ Writing

FREE Basic English Speaking Course Online:

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English writing course

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Assignments on alternative days

Important aspects of English Learning included in the course.

Verbal communication





Effective communication


फ्री इंग्लिश लांगुलगे कोर्से


Nouns Plural

Countable and uncountable nouns

Describing the names – Adjectives
A Red Apple
A Tall Girl

Pronoun – He She It – We, They, I, You

Talking about regular stuff – am and is and are
I am a man
You are an Engineer

Pointing to stuff – This That These Those

Question – Is that, Is this, Are those, Are These

Asking Questions – What?

Question: Are these? Are Those?

There – Showing something

Here and There – Places

How are you?

Preposition – Where is everything?

My, Mine/ His / Her, Hers/ Your, Yours / Their, Theirs

He has, She has, I have, They Have,

Have – eat, take

Asking Questions: What is this ?

Asking Question: Where are you?

Action words: What are verbs

First person, Second person and Third person – people in the conversation

First Person – speaker – I am, Live, Eat, Drink

We are – Live, Eat, Drink

Second Person – Listener – You are Single and Plural – Live, Eat, Drink

Third Person – Other Person – He, She, It, – Lives, Eats, Drinks

Third Person Plural – They Live, Eat, Drink


Do I/you/we/they eat? Drink? Live?

Does s/he/it eat, drink, live

Do you go to?

Does he go to?

Does s/he/it have,

Do they/we/you/I have

Was / Were

Was it / he / she here. Was it this.

Were they /we/ here. Were

Time – Reading the clock, Time of the day. Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night


How Many?

How Much?