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Nouns Plural

Countable and uncountable nouns

Describing the names – Adjectives
A Red Apple
A Tall Girl

Pronoun – He She It – We, They, I, You

Talking about regular stuff – am and is and are
I am a man
You are an Engineer

Pointing to stuff – This That These Those

Question – Is that, Is this, Are those, Are These

Asking Questions – What?

Question: Are these? Are Those?

There – Showing something

Here and There – Places

How are you?

Preposition – Where is everything?

My, Mine/ His / Her, Hers/ Your, Yours / Their, Theirs

He has, She has, I have, They Have,

Have – eat, take

Asking Questions: What is this ?

Asking Question: Where are you?

Action words: What are verbs

First person, Second person and Third person – people in the conversation

First Person – speaker – I am, Live, Eat, Drink

We are – Live, Eat, Drink

Second Person – Listener – You are Single and Plural – Live, Eat, Drink

Third Person – Other Person – He, She, It, – Lives, Eats, Drinks

Third Person Plural – They Live, Eat, Drink


Do I/you/we/they eat? Drink? Live?

Does s/he/it eat, drink, live

Do you go to?

Does he go to?

Does s/he/it have,

Do they/we/you/I have

Was / Were

Was it / he / she here. Was it this.

Were they /we/ here. Were

Time – Reading the clock, Time of the day. Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night


How Many?

How Much?