English Slang Words Phrases with meanings and examples

Slang words from America

What’s up – What’s happening ? What are you doing? Answer: Not much

Come on – Really! Eg.: You want me to believe you? Come on.

Count me in / I’m in/ / I’m game – I will do it. I agree to be part of it

I feel you – I understand – I get it

My bad – My mistake eg. Sorry dude. My bad. I didn’t mean to turn off you phone.

You bet (betcha) – welcome – eg. Thank you for your support. Answer: You Bet.

No biggie – no problem – no big deal. eg. Thank you for lending me your phone. Answer: No biggie. OR It’s no big deal.

Laid back – relaxed – calm e.g. Peter is such a laid back person. AND The town was so laid back.

Chill – relax – eg. Don’t take the joke seriously. Just chill.

Lame – not agreeable – bad eg. That’s a lame joke.

Cool – sweet – very nice -e.g. That’s a cool hat.

Bomb – Really good – eg. That new phone is a bomb.

Bummer – not right – disappointing – eg. That idea was a bummer.

Shady – not trust worthy – eg. That guy looks shady.

Hot – looks great -eg. That new girl is hot

Beat – tired – eg. I have worked all day long. I am beat.

Sick – wow – Epic – fantastic – eg. Those shades are sick. – That come back was epic – come back – reply.

Cheesy – corny – silly – eg. That comedy movie was so cheesy.

Ripped – toned – eg. Wow! You look ripped.

Sucked – was not good – e.g. That movie we watched last night sucked.

Party animal – person who loves to party

Couch potato – lazy person – eg. Jack is a couch potato

Chicken – yellow – a coward – eg. Why are you afraid of the dark? Are you chicken.

Fired – given the pink slip – laid off – eg. John was fired last week.

Flick – movie – eg. There’s a new flick at the local theater.

Hang out – spend time – eg. Let’s hang out at Barry’s place.

Show up – be present – arrive – eg. You should not show up at my door at odd hours.

Have a blast – have lots of fun – party – eg. The party last night was a blast. OR Let’s have a blast.

Grub – food -eg. Do you have some grub in the refrigerator?

Wasted – too tired or drunk – dead – Jack’s wasted.

Screw up – goof up – make a mistake  – eg. This is an important assignment. Don’t screw up.

Shades – sunglasses 

Buck – money e.g Can I borrow a couple of bucks?

Lemon – bad thing ( that you may have bought) – eg. That jewel box was a lemon

Wrap up – finish -eg. Let’s wrap up this work early.

Call it a day – go home or stop working – eg. Let’s call it a day and start fresh tomorrow.

Crash – rest – eg. Let’s crash at your place –