English Idioms Phrases meaning and examples

Idioms are a set of words that make sense, but may not have a literal meaning. Their meaning may show a different angle or profound meaning to be pondered upon.

Idiom Examples

Fake it till you make it

Speak of the devil

Between the devil and the deep blue sea

Between a rock and a hard place

Best of both worlds

The last straw

The jury’s out

Kill two birds with one stone

Takes two to tango

Break a leg

Pierce of cake

Costs an arm and a leg

Sit in the fence

Once in a blue moon

Like chalk and cheese

Every dog had its day

Cry over spilt milk

Break the ice

Cat got your tongue

Bury the hatchet

Turn a blind eye

Bark up the wrong tree

Black and white

Black market

White lie

Grey area

Grey market

Green with Envy

Green light

Red carpet

Red tape

Red flag

Feeling blue

Out of the blue