Countable and Uncountable Nouns



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Countable nouns

Countable nouns are those nouns or things that can be counted like books or pens. If you want one book you can tell this to another person.

One book. Two Boys, Three girls, four me, five women, six boxes, seven fishes, eight knives, nine shelves, Ten sheep

Uncountable Nouns:

These are nouns that cannot be counted like water or anything liquid or gas. So you cannot say one water. But you can definitely use a tool to count these uncountable nouns like liters, or glasses or any container.

One liter of petrol, two glasses of water, three cylinders of oxygen etc.

There are other nouns which can be counted but you usually wont bother doing it like rice or any other grain or sand or stars. You may use something to weigh it.

One kilo of rice, two kilos of wheat, three kilos of sugar etc

When you don’t want to say the exact number of things you want or are talking about you could simply say many. Many boys or many books. But when we talk about uncountable things we have to use ‘a lot of’.

A lot of water. There is a lot of water in the pond.

A lot of petrol. There is a lot of petrol in the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia.

There are many boys in this class.

There are many books in the library.

If you want to say that there aren’t many things – for countable you say few, but for uncountable you say some.

There are a few girls in this class.

There are a few books on astronomy in the library.

There is some water in this well.

There is some petrol in my bike.

I have some money in my wallet.

If you want to ask about the number of things you ask how many for countable and how much for uncountable.

How many boys are there in the team?

How many pens do you have?

How much petrol do you have in the tank?

How much money do I owe you?