Common Questions asked in Interview

There are some common questions asked in interview which every HR personnel has in her list. HR personnel are looking for long pauses and fluency while you answer these questions. At the same time the answer itself may also help you get selected or rejected for the job.

Tell me something about yourself

The most common interview question that comes up in an interview is – Tell me something about yourself, that is because the interviewer wants to know a little about you, feel how confidently you present yourself’ and your fluency in the language you speak. At the same time some HR personnel will try to find differences in what you say and your CV. Also they may want you to elaborate on something interesting that you said.

Please remember this is not an opportunity to or pour your heart out or tell them your life story. However, it is the perfect time to briefly state something about yourself, your skills and why you think you are a good fit for the job. Experienced candidates should avoid talking about old jobs first and state your current responsibilities before detailing what attracted you to the job.

You will need to do a little research not only of the job description but also about the company before you start talking about how you can be a good fit for the company. You can add awards and recognition you may have earned and some special projects that you have worked on that are worth mentioning while answering this interview question.

Another question commonly asked is – 

What are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

This question is answered by tapping into your personality and your skills. You must remember the interviewer is still marking you for your confidence and skill set to find if you fit the profile. However, there is no way of saying what the HR person would like to hear. The best thing is to go prepared. Since you should be researching about the company before the interview you should practice saying aloud some good things about your personality that would be an advantage to the job you are interviewing for.

The classic hack used for weaknesses is to disguise strengths as weaknesses when you present them. ‘I am a stickler for perfection’ or ‘I hate to miss a deadline’ are often used by many people. Another classic example is ‘I take criticism very seriously.’ Here too if you research about the company and the job profile then you could avoid saying something that will be considered a real disadvantage.

Strengths and weaknesses interview question can be asked together or separately. It could also be asked in a different manner. Like tell us your biggest strengths or tell me your biggest weakness or your greatest challenge.

The interviewer may ask for an example or an experience where you used your strength to overcome a situation or a problem that you had because of your weakness and how the problem was ultimately solved. If your resume shows experience you should definitely be prepared.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years

Another common interview question that is asked is ‘tell me about your life goals’ or ‘where do you see yourself in the future’. This question is a great opportunity to reiterate why you would like to work in the company and how working with them falls perfectly in your grand career path. You do not have to state anything beyond your potential career in the company but you can elaborate your plan to grow to a better position. You do not have to be specific like say I see myself become the VP of marketing or the GM of this branch, but you could definitely say that you see yourself taking up more responsible positions as you learn and grow in the company. You can add that you want to be the best in the industry or in your field. The aim is to make the interviewer believe that you could possibly stick around in the company and contribute even further by gaining experience.