At the Airport English Vocabulary Lesson

Going to the airport

Catching an Airplane

Vocabulary words:



Time Difference

Announcement and instructions on the Aeroplane

Welcome to SP Airways. This flight is for Heathrow airport, London, UK. Please be seated comfortably. When the flight is ready to take off, the green light in front of you will turn on. After the light turns red please do not get up from your seat. Also please fasten your seat-belt. We will appreciate if you will keep the seat-belt fastened at all times throughout the journey. It is for your own safety as turbulence can occur unexpectedly. 

Please turn off all electronic devices since they can interfere with navigational and communication systems.

You are allowed only one handbag in the plane. Please keep your handbag and briefcase in the compartment above. Try not to keep anything with you while we are taking off. You can access it once we are in the air. 

In case of an emergency oxygen masks will fall down in front of you from above. Please secure your own mask before assisting others.

There are six doors in this plane. Three on the left and 3 on the right. Please go out in an orderly fashion in case of an emergency. Thank you for choosing SP Airways. We hope you have a great flight.

Announcement and instructions Questions

Where is the plane going?

What does it mean by – flight is ready to take off?

Where are the lights?

What light means you should not get up from your seat and turn off all devices.

Which word in the passage means tied up.

What does the air hostess mean by turbulence.

What word in the  passage means help

What word in the passage means to plan or take a direction 

What in the passage is another way of saying to say or send a message

How many handbags are allowed in the plane

What in the passage means you can enter or take?

When can you take your briefcase or handbag

In which direction is the oxygen mask – Up,  down, right, left

Word search for words found in the passage.

Crossword about the aeroplane announcement



6. happen; take place

7. violent or unsteady movement of air or water

8. Action or process of flying through air

9. a separate section or part of a structure or container

11. plan and direct the course of a ship, aircraft, or other form of transport

14. providing physical ease and relaxation

15. a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action

16. close securely

17. neatly and methodically arranged


1. help (someone),

2. a thing made or adapted for a particular purpose

3. understand fully or recognize the full worth of

4. in every part of a place or object

5. fixed or fastened so as not to give way, become loose, or be lost

9. share or exchange information, news, or ideas

10. intervene in a situation without invitation

12. not expected or regarded as likely to happen

13. the means or opportunity to approach or enter a place