Enola Holmes Movie Review, Cast

Enola Holmes is still trying hard to prove her worth in the second offering. Unfortunately, she has to take the help of her famous elder brother (both as Henry Cavill and Sherlock) to save her skin. She solves the case by herself though. The script tries hard to show all of this – a woman trying to succeed in a man’s world and being dependent on a man despite all her knowledge and cleverness. Yet with all the limitations placed on a woman of her times Enola Holmes succeeds in entertaining us with action, thrills and a little bit of comedy. 

Enola starts her own detective for hire office and as expected no one wants to hire her since she is a girl. On the verge of shutting down and as she is collecting her stuff to vacate her office a young girl brings her a case of a missing person. Her trail leads Enola to the local match factory where girls seem to be dying of a disease. The factory owner is obviously trying to cover the matter. So some corrupt officials including an inspector jump into the whodunnit and a couple of murders later Enola finds the missing girl, solves the mystery deaths and shuts down the factory. 

Acting and Characters

Millie Bobby Brown seems to be disoriented in the first quarter and after that the plot takes over. Cavill’s brooding Sherlock presence is welcome. Instead of less the elder brother had more scenes in the sequel. Others do their part including mother Helena Bonham Carter who also has to step in to help as does Louis Partridge who is eventually accepted as boyfriend. Enola is not Sherlock but a female Indiana Jones.

What can we learn from Enola Holmes 2


Enola, like a young Superman (erm couldn’t avoid using this particular example) is still finding her powers, but she is certainly a stubborn girl who wants to succeed.


She keeps an eye out on her crush just to make sure he is not falling for someone else.


This is without doubt that she jumps head on into situations without thinking twice.


Refuses to back down even after being rebuked by Sherlock.

Willing to learn

Learns new things and catches on fast. She is a good student.

Wants to make it on her own

Refuses job offer by Sherlock 

Lives within resources 

Settles into the office offered by a friend

Enola Holmes Cast

Millie Bobby Brown

Henry Cavill

Louis Partridge

Helena Bonham Carter