Announcement, Notice, Circular from School or College Management

Hi friends and colleagues.

I will keep this briefing quick. 

I have an important announcement about a change in teachers.

Your Hindi Language teacher Mr Om Prakash Singh is retiring from college immediately due to ill health and will be replaced by Mrs. Tyagi who will join us from next week. You are required to hand in all the pending projects in Hindi by the end of this week.

One more important announcement is that the college canteen will be closed for the next ten days. You’ll now be worried about your lunch boxes and food. We have come up with a solution for that. The local Udipi restaurant right opposite the main gate of the college has kindly agreed to give our students breakfast and lunch. All the dishes on their menu will be available at a special discount for our college students. So you can take advantage of this facility till the canteen is open. Remember to take your ID cards with you. You can sit in the restaurant for breakfast, but please don’t idle around in the restaurant chatting for no reason. For lunch unfortunately you will have to take a parcel and eat in the college compound behind the main building. Please do not litter.

Thank you for your patience. 

When is Mr Om Prakash Singh going to stop coming to college?

When is Mrs. Tyagi joining college?

For how many days will the canteen be closed?

Where is the Udupi restaurant?

How will the restaurant know you are a student of this college?

Where will students have their lunch?

What instructions have been given in the announcement?

Can students have lunch in the Udupi restaurant

Is the Udupi restaurant having discounts for everyone?