All the World’s a Stage Poem, Summary, Appreciation

All the world’s a stage Questions and Answers 

Q. What does exists and entrances refer to?

A. In the poem exist an entrance refer to the Birth and Death Respectively a person is enters when it is born and exists when he dies 

Q. Why is reputation like a bubble?

A. Reputation is  compare two bubble because it is temporary it’s gonna bus anytime it will not remain permanent

Q. What is the major difference between the 5th and 6th stage?

A. The  difference between the fifth and sixth Age is in the 5th stage the man is well fed with chicken is wise and has a manly voice and does  does his work on time and the fifth stage is dependent on others  as a weak eyesight is thin lean and we 

All the world’s a stage Appreciation

The poem all the world’s a stage is written by William Shakespeare the poem is popular and it’s also known as the seven ages of manThere is no rhyming scheme in the poem the poem A life to stage and everyone as players actors who played their roles we enter the play when we are born and exit when we die and between that we have seven States to play they are infancy childhood teenage youth middle age old age and dotage 

The first is infant who cries and vomits in nurses Aam the second is a school was who is whining and unwilling to go to school the third is a man as a lover who write poem in the memory of his herbal love beauty as a soldier in The Fourth Stage and it is compared to Leopard who is jealous in honour and Is quick to quarrel with who is ready to take risk the justice stage is the fifth stage who is very well fed with chicken he is now much your invite in the sixth Age he  Pantaloons and slippers he is thin lean we can also has a weak eyesight when I speak it appears as if playing up on a pipe or as if he is  whistling two gaps in her mouth due to fallen thing in the last age he is little  like senile who is completely dependent on others who is helpless Just Like second child and then he leaves the stage which means he dies

Figures of speech in the poem All the world’s a stage

Men and women players
The above figure of speech is metaphor because men and women in directly compared to players

School boy with his satchel and shining morning face creeping like snail
The above figure of speech is simile because the schoolboy is directly compared to the scripting snail

With a Waffle ballot
The above figure of speech alliteration because a sound of w is repeated

Sighing like furnace
The above figure of speech is simile because sighing is compared to furnace

Full of strange oats and beard like a part
The above figure of speech simile 

Seeking the bubble reputation
The figure of speech is Metaphor

Jealous in honour sudden and quick and  quarrel
The figure of speech is alliteration because the sound of Q is repeated

Even in the  cannon’s mouth
The above figure of speech is metaphor

With  eyes severe and beard of formal cut
The above figure of speech is inversion it should be severe eyes  but I eyes severe is used for poetic effect

His youthful hose well saved a worldwide
Figure of speech is alliteration the sound of w is used several times

For his shrunk Shank
The figure of speech is alliteration because the sound of ‘sh’ is used several times

And whistles in his sound
The figure of speech is onomatopoeia because the sound of the soul is compared to a person 

Read the words in a given clouds match them with  with this signify

                Stage                                                                 life

                 Characters                                                 Roles played by human beings

                 Script                                                                Story of life

                  Dialogues                                                         conversation

                  Entry                                                               Birth

                    Exit                                                                 death