Being Neighborly – Summary, Explanation, Question, Answers

Being Neighborly is written by Louisa May Alcott. She is one of the earliest feminist writers. The series Being Neighborly is taken from her book called Little Women.  

The characters:

The story is about four March sisters – Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy. It is also about their neighbour Laurie. They all have different personalities.

Meg – who is quiet and likes to spend her time alone. She is an introvert. 

Jo – the lively and adventurous one who likes to make new friends and do new things. 

Beth and Amy – friendly, humble and funny

Laurie – Quiet and never comes out to play. Always stays in his room

The four sisters live with their mother. They are not so well to do.

Laurie lives with his grandfather. They are wealthy.

Being Neighborly Summary 

The Marches house is always full of noise because of the four sisters, but the neighbouring Laurence house hardly has any activity. Laurie, the lone child in the stone mansion, lives with his grandfather. He is not allowed to go out. He usually stands at the balcony watching the March sisters, his neighbours, play. He wasn’t to be seen for some days. Jo takes it upon herself to pay him a visit. The visit turns out to be pleasant where she comes to know more about Laurie and even meets his grandfather, who is a kind man.

Ice breakers:

  • Read the following statements and mark those that apply to you
    Note: It’s a personal response question
  1. I make friends easily.
  2. I wish to be friends with someone but my friendship is rejected.
  3. Someone has extended a hand of friendship towards me and I have not accepted it.
  4.  I have a large group of friends but no best buddy. 
  5. I have a small group of close friends and have no wish to interact with anyone else.
  6. I have cordial relationships with all, but I cannot connect with anyone.

Answer :- 

The answer depends on you and your personality whether you are an introvert or an extrovert. Whether you like connecting to people or not. 

Tick mark according to your choices. For example No. 3, 5 and 6

  • Complete the following web diagram

I) Friendship to me means 

  1.  Having long conversations
  2.  Sharing joys and sorrows
  3.  Trusting and motivating each other 
  4.  Giving and receiving gift 
  5.  Helping one another in hard times 
  6.  Taking care of each other

II) If you see someone lonely or sad you will… 

a) think of a way to interact with them
b) cheer them up and play with them 
c) will make them trust me and so that they tell me their sorrows and they may feel less burdened

Being Neighborly explanation – The story in brief

The story starts with Jo the lively stepping out of the house. Meg tries to stop her saying that it’s snowing outside, but Jo refuses to sit inside like a pussy cat. I want adventure, she says and steps out of the house. She goes out and begins to dig the pathway since it was covered with a thick layer of snow. She notices once again their house was old and shabby where as the neighbors’ house had all sort of luxuries and comfort. Though the house was a big stone mansion with luxuries, there was no one to play with the lonely boy who lived in it. Not even a mother. The house of the Marches as their house was lively full of love Jo founded The neighbor’s house full of Splendors and and enchanted place she wanted to be friends with Laurie since the party and was thinking  of being friends with him she made her mind to and when to where Lori left her didn’t knew what’s good for lorry so he kept him alone when she came there how are you are you say I am better thank you I had a bad of and cold that’s why I have been locked up in the room please talk for a while from Garden and window when you ask don’t you have someone to play with he said boys he said don’t you have any girl they are quite he said I don’t know any she replied you know as sorry asked in a sad voice and her cricketer how kind of you that room just wanted it and just said on the chair I have already read them no need I would try names and sometimes for girls together with your mother I want to mind I will always keep the Cotton open like you to come over come a place and have nice and Joly Times why don’t you ask your Grandpa she said lorry if you tell a mom to tell my grandpa he may agree grandpa doesn’t allow me to go to strangers or anyone’s house he things I might be bother to them you said you on the border any on strangers you are neighbors she also add that you should go and meet people sorry was shy so that so change the topic he asked if you goes to school your reply she doesn’t cause she is a business woman or you want to ask mom but didn’t got because it was in good manners to do so enjoy like it then you told no all about her funny adventures lorry busted into laughter he said go on Georgette Alone she also told that she like to read a lot of book Lori said if you want we have a book full of room you also told that is grandpa isn’t home so don’t need to be afraid Jo told she isn’t afraid of anything Lori short her his house and the reach the book place the doorbell rank Joseph marry me Lori said that while ago you said that you want afraid of anything just said maybe I am but I don’t know why mean while lories doctor came and he went to see the doctor Jo find standing in front of a portrait of an old man looking at the Portrait and describing at she said he has signed eyes his mouth is green he has a trend this will office own way she also add ads that he isn’t as handsome as his grandpa but she likes him then a group voice came from behind thank you ma’am and he was Mr Lawrence Lawrence grandfather Jose hard beg and repeat fast she blast cause of what she said he said so you and afraid of me she said not much sir and you like me yes I do she said heel hafton shift hands with joke Mr Lawrence said you have got your father’s day but his spirit he was brave and honest friend of mine Jose comfortable and say thank you then she are sharply what are you doing with my son she said try to be never be so and then she told how was it came about said so you think he is a bit lonely and need up you said yes young youth may help him we are girls but we would do our best then Mr and said I would come to you your mother and sister and come down and go on being never he said if you like it he said shouldn’t have asked if I hadn’t then at last she comes home on a way she thought what would make another thing if you said the story home .

Brain storming

A1 i) Jo’s decision to make friends with the lonely boy next door proves to be a good work. Elaborate. You may begin with – Jo was a bold, friendly and warm person 

Jo was a bold, friendly and warm person. She always wanted to be friends with Laurie because he has looked sad and lonely. Jo decided to go and meet him to cheer the young boy up and to share his joy. 

ii) Read extract Being Neighborly and complete the following statements

  1. Jo the find how seen like a kind of enchanted place full of Splendors and delight which no one enjoyed
  2. Jo Swift apart around the garden for bed to walk in when the sun came out and the invalid dolls needed the sunrise
  3. Jo enter the old stone house carrying broom and much into the house 
  4. In order to tidy the room and made changes in the room like book bottle sofa pillow sheep change their places

iii) Bring out the contrast between the two houses with help of the following point

  • House of Marches:- 
  • Old brown house 
  • Fill with snow 
  • Children played all round
  • They talk laugh and play with their mother 
  • House of Laurence:-
  •  Stone Mansion
  •  Well kept ground
  •  Nobody enjoyed full of loneliness
  •  No motherly face smile out of the window

A2) The traits of the characters you mean in the extract and right them in the appropriate column

A3) i) write down in your own words the way lorry confirm the name of marked sisters

  1. The one who came to meet him was Joe the friendly one 
  2. He described with Rosy one who comes out with the basket with flowers 
  3. Meg as a pretty one
  4. Amy with the curly hair

ii) Give brief account of the interaction between grandpa and Joe 

Jo opportunity of grandpa mrs Lawrence and then started describing it she said he had got kind eyes his mouth is green he looks like he has got trend Mendes will office own way she also add that he is not as handsome as his grandpa but she likes him then a graph voice came behind her and said thank you ma’am it was Mr Laurel grandpa Jo was uncomfortable shy and then he said I am not as handsome as your grandfather and you are not afraid of me she said yes then grandpa said you don’t have your grandfather’s face but his spirit Jo was comfortable after listening to it then he in a shop voice told what are you doing here with the boy of mine she answer for Italy only trying to be neverly then the chat it for a while grandpa told her to go on being able Jo said only if you like grandpa said won’t have asked if I didn’t that’s how the interaction came about

A4) i) Fine proverb magazines and items related to friendship

  1. For example:- birds of feather flock together 
  2. How beautiful it is to find someone ask for nothing but your company 
  3. Hard time always reveal true friends
  4. Friendship are known in hardships 
  5. A sweet friendship refresh the souls
  6. There are friends who destroy each other at a real friend take closer than a brother