Introduction to Verbs or Action words

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Verbs are words that we use when we want to say something with an action in it. Sleeping too is an action. So if we want to say I am coming to your house or he is dead, both sentences are using words coming and dead respectively.

Watch video in Hindi and understand what is VERB:

Introduction to Verbs i- Explained n Hindi

List of common verbs 

Be = होना =hona / Is = है = hai/ Was = था = tha

Eat = खाना = khana

Drink = पीना = peena

Sit = बैठना = baithna

Stand = खड़ा होना = khada hona

Read = पढ़ना = padhna

Write = लिखना = likhna

Sleep = सोना = sona

Smile = मुस्काना = muskurana

Walk = टहलना = chalna

Run = दौड़ना = daudna