English Grammar Here There – Meaning and Use

Here and there are words we use frequently to indicate the place we are and a place we are not.

Here and there grammar

Here and there are adverbs since they give us more information about some verbs we can use with them. Like Go there or Come here.

Here and there meaning

When we want to talk about the place by just indicating near and far we use these adverbs. We use ‘HERE’ when we want to talk about the place we are already present in. We use the word “THERE” when we want to talk about another place where we are not present.


This chair is here.

That table is there.

Please bring the glass here.

Please keep the bottle there.

Come here.

Go there.

Can we sit here.

Should we sit there.

He is sitting there near the entrance.

She wants to be here with us.

This car here is mine.

This car has been here since morning.

That phone there is very expensive.

That phone has been there since yesterday.

It’s hot in here.

Please bring the box over here.

I think we should hang this painting over there.

I am looking for an ATM around here.

Here is the parcel you’ve been waiting for.

There she is!

There’s the man I was talking about.

May I have the salt. Here you are.

Has anyone seen my glasses. Here they are.

There you are. I have been looking for you all over.

Phone call: This is John here. Who’s that?

Hi there! How are you?