English Grammar Lessons

This is collection of Grammar videos on Youtube that are part of the syllabus

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Clauses and Simple, Complex and Compound Sentence.

Learnhub academy

Phrases and Clauses

LearnEnglish lab

Figures of Speech

Vocabulary TV Part 1

Vocabulary TV Part 2


Present Perfect Simple & Continuous Tense

The present perfect continuous tense (also known as the present perfect progressive tense) shows that something started in the past and is continuing at the present time. The present perfect continuous is formed using the construction has/have been + the present participle (root + -ing).

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Past Perfect continuous Tense

The PAST PERFECT PROGRESSIVE TENSE indicates a continuous action that was completed at some point in the past. This tense is formed with the modal “HAD” plus “BEEN,” plus the present participle of the verb (with an -ing ending): “I had been working in the garden all morning. George had been painting his house for weeks, but he finally gave up.”

Sequence of Tenses

Sequence of tenses is a set of grammatical rules of a particular language, governing the agreement between the tenses of verbs in related clauses or sentences.