Demonstrative Pronoun – English Grammar

Demonstrative pronouns are used to point out something or to show what you are saying about, in short to point to what you are talking about .

Demonstrative pronouns are :- this,that,these,those .

Demonstrative Pronouns. This, That, Hindi mei – Yeh aur Woh

They are used to point/refer things , objects , people, whether they are close to us or far. 

Here are some rules you need to follow while using demonstrative pronouns  

This is used to point one object which is placed near us eg –

1) this house needs to be renovated. 2) this bag is made of jute 3) i want this box of sweet  4) this route is near to my home 

That is used to point one object which is placed far from us eg – 

1) can you pass that pencil. 2) that movie seen was horror  3) that car was made in germany  4) bring that bottle along with you 

These is used to point more then one object which is placed near us eg – 1) these are my toys 2) i am keeping these seashells 3) do you know that man is a robber 4) can i have these fruits 

Those is used to point more than one object which is placed far from us eg -1) those cats are fighting 2) i am selling those utensils 3) please open those sacks 4) put those lighting on top

Demonstrative Pronoun

When we want to point to a specific thing we always point out with our fingers and for things that are near to us we use ‘THIS’ and for things that are far from use we use ‘THAT’. This rule is binding on those things that are one. For things that are more than one we use – for things near to us – THESE and for things that are far from us THOSE. You must have also noticed that I have used ‘that’ to point out to stuff that I want to emphasize or bring to your notice. Example sentence: Things ‘that’ I want to emphasize. Similarly, when I say this it doesn’t have to be something physical or tangible, but simply an idea that is here. While what is this? May be a question I ask pointing to something on the table, I can also ask the same question when I point to an article in Newspaper or a painting or even a gesture or sign.

Jab hum kisi cheez ki taraf ungli uthakar batate hai toh hum yeh aur woh shabd ka istemaal karte hai. “YEH” jab woh cheez nazdeek hoti hai aur “WOH” jab woh cheez humse door hoti hai. YEH ka shabd English mei hota hai “THIS”. Aur WOH ke liye hota hai “THAT”.

English mei jab hum kisi nazdeek ki cheez ki taraf ishara karte hai (yani THIS) aur woh cheez ek se zyada hai toh uskay liye shabd hai “THESE” aur koi door cheez rakhi hai (yani THAT) lekin woh ek se zyada hai to ussey “THOSE” bolte hai. THESE aur THOSE hum baad mei baat karte hai. Baad mei hum yeh bhi baat karegay ki THIS aur THAT “JO” ke liye bhi istemaal hota hai. Yaani agar mei kahoo ki – Yeh woh rumal hai JO kal ghoom gaya tha. Toh woh ‘JO’ hai uske liye bhi “THAT” istemal hota hai. Lekin woh agay ke sabaq mei.

How to use THIS and THAT?

When it comes to using this and that we will first tackle the simplest form of the sentence we can make here.

Hum ab wohi jumla istemaal karegay jis mei YEH aur koi bhi cheez ka naam istemaal hoga. Uska matlab hoga YEH CHEEZ. Waise he WOH CHEEZ ka bhi udaharan ya misaal di jayegi.

This thing – Yeh CHEEZ

Yeh table – This table

Yeh kursi – This chair

Examples of THIS – YEH

This dogThis catThis table
This chairThis appleThis orange
This phoneThis carThis scooter
This shirtThis penThis book

Woh table – That table.

Woh kursi – That chair.

Examples of THAT – WOH

That dogThat catThat table
That chairThat appleThat orange
That phoneThat carThat scooter
That shirtThat penThat book

More nouns to remember – aur kucch cheezo ke naam yaad karne ke liye.

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