Top Reasons Why You Need a Website in 2022

The simplest reason is usually is at you have been toying with the idea about announcing your self to the world. You realise you need to get a website to showcase your talent and expertise or a product or service or what have you. So you should go ahead and do it. We are usually held back by our own insecurities.

Why Website is Important?

For people who need a little more convincing read on.

The need to start and build your website is imminent in a person or persons who have realised their potential. You have a great product or you have a team that gives exceptional value added service. You are a potential motivational speaker who can connect to people or you have an idea that is ground breaking. Whatever your talent you want to show it to the world. Because unless you do something nobody knows the genius that resides in you. What’s more you can simply use content creation and content marketing to reach your potential audience and buyers.

5 Reasons to Have a Website

You believe you can help someone.

You may be a person of great talent. Maybe you can understand politics better than others because you move around in those circles. Maybe you understand music and can talk about many genres. A passion for cars and bikes maybe? Someone I know is good at interpreting economic data and can talk about finance like a pro. She decided to blog just to use the amount of time she had on hand. It was because she believed the things she could talk about would help lay people understand economic situations and new investors could take advantage of her views.

You want to expand your business

You have a local business. You know the product or service you sell has great potential. Maybe you sell shoes. A friend of mine had a laundry. He started specialising in upholstery when he started an online service order website he promised home pick up and drop for curtains, covers, table cloth etc. It was not long before orders started pouring in. Everybody knew some laundry locally but a specialist laundry for upholstery! Many wanted to use that service.

You want to start a business

You are a professional who knows his stuff like a chartered accountant or lawyer or even a person who can make stuff that has a market. You have  learned the ropes and now want to start out on your own. However, you cannot afford an office or a shop, or the one you can afford is small place in an obscure area. You are afraid people may not find you directly. So take that leap and attract clients on the internet. 

You know skills that you can teach

You are a person who is an expert at a certain skill. If you think you can teach those skills to the world then you could even earn from the tutorials. There are many who are earning from the net teaching everything under the sun from English speaking and Personality Development to the at of living to guitar and pottery.  A friend of mine who knows the guitar started an online tutorial and now has students from all over the country. And that is the advantage of online. You need not be confined to a particular area. The world is your classroom.

You want Get a new and better job

We’ve all used job portals to find a job and I am sure many have a LinkedIn page already. So what’s the idea about having a web site. There are some of you who are photographers and artists. You would definitely love a showcase of your work so that you can refer clients and potential employers to it whenever necessary. At the same time you would like more features and freedom LinkedIn gives you. There was this software guy I read about who applied for a job but did not have any prior experience. The only proof that he knew programming was that he had a website where he had put up his applications and some information about software programming. He was immediately hired because he did not have to do a lot of explaining that he knew his job. Many employees store their work on Google drive and other storage places to access and refer potential employers for samples of their work. A well organized website can certainly score brownie points with potential employers and help in career development.

So what are you waiting for? Get your laptop, PC or mobile and book a domain today. With the internet becoming more accessible and fast everyday you can work on your website even on the move.