A Time to Believe poem by B J Morbitzer – Std. 8

A Time to Believe is a poem of hope by B J Morbitzer. In the poem he elaborates that we need to have self confidence and believe in ourselves so that we can succeed in life. A Time to believe – Explanation in Hindi A Time to Believe Poem Summary A time to believe is a poem in which the […]

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English Grammar Lessons for SSC Maharashtra Board STD 10

This is collection of Grammar videos on Youtube that are part of the syllabus of STD 10 of Maharashtra Board English Medium. All Grammar that has been included in the kumarbharati textbook 10th std. Best of Luck for your Board exams and Happy Learning. Clauses and Simple, Complex and Compound Sentence. Learnhub academy Phrases and Clauses LearnEnglish lab Figures of […]

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THE NIGHT THE GHOST GOT IN By James Thurber – Summary


This is a story of one night – Titled: The Night the Got in – the author’s house. These extracts are from a book by James Thurber : “My life and hard times”. It is an auto biographical story that means the author is writing about himself. But it is a fictional account. If you cannot see the youtube video […]

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