Literary Devices, Figures of Speech, Poetic Device

Literary devices are specific devices that writers, readers, and the students must know. Using literary devices, a writer can elevate her prose to glorious. For readers, it is essential to know literary devices to understand the text. For students, the knowledge of a few literary devices can raise their score in the English examination.  Many of you might be wondering: […]

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Learning English Grammar in Hindi – Demonstrative Pronoun

Demonstrative pronouns are used to point out something or to show what you are saying about, in short to point to what you are talking about . Demonstrative pronouns are :- this,that,these,those . They are used to point/refer things , objects , people, whether they are close to us or far.  Here are some rules you need to follow while […]

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Verbs List with Present and Past Tense – 2

educaretech verbs words that denote action

Verbs List with Present and Past Tense for you to practice in your sentences. This list will help you find out the present form of any verb. The present form of any verb is the base form. The base form is usually used for simple present and request in any sentence. For example: (Simple Present / Base form) I carve […]

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