How to Make Money Online

Welcome to a time where earning online while sitting at home is an option you don’t have to dream about. All you need is a laptop or PC and an internet connection. In some cases a mobile phone with a good internet connection will also suffice. Here are some options to make money online. 


Dropshipping is very popular with people who want to do business, but without buying and storing products. For those who do not know about dropshipping at all, it is a way to sell online without keeping an inventory. You associate with dropshippers and create a store online. This store can be on a website that you can build or on social media. Don’t forget to find out more about the dropshippers you want to work with before you start working with them. Whenever a customer buys from the store you forward the order to the dropshipper who then fulfills the order. This way you concentrate on marketing your store instead of keeping an inventory.

Print on Demand

If you have a penchant for design then this is something for you. This is just like dropshipping. However, here you create a design for t-shirts, mugs, hoodies and everything else on which the design can be printed. Like dropshippers, there are print on demand vendors who will fulfill your order for you. There are Print-on-demand websites that give you a platform to upload your designs and vendors registered on the website will print, package and courier the product for you. Upload your design online and paste it on whatever product you think it will look good on. Match the colour backgrounds. Blank images are available on the website. Take a T-shirt for example. The website has T-shirt images in all colours. You have to paste your design on T-shirt images available on the website. Once a customer buys the product with your design, a vendor will print, package and send it to the customer. When the customer accepts, the vendor gets his money, you get your design pay and of course the website gets a commission. A win-win for all. And the best part is that if one of your designs becomes a hit, it could be ordered multiple times on multiple products.

Some websites that are popular for Print on Demand are Etsy, Redbubble, Cafepress, Teespring. Merch by Amazon is another platform, but getting on this platform is not easy. Once you are selling on the others you should try for Merch by Amazon. 

Teach something

If you know something, anything, that can be useful for others, you can and should start teaching it online. Thanks to the internet you can find interested students all over the world. You could teach Yoga, Financial literacy, singing, dancing, playing the guitar, cooking, science, math, the list is endless. Honestly, I think the net is the answer to a teacher’s prayer. The reach is stupendous. All you need is a decent smartphone and net connection to get you started. There are many platforms that allow you to teach for a small commission. A couple of names that come to mind is udemy and xxx. YouTube too allows you to charge a fee for your tuitions. You could also set up a website for teaching through an LMS or learning management system.


If you love to take photographs, the internet allows all amateur photographers to become professionals. The phones that we use nowadays have decent cameras. And you can make anything your muse. Your travel photos, animals, random people, insects, shopping areas, you name it. Believe it or not, but there is a constant need for photos by people who want to use them commercially. These guys are willing to pay reasonable amounts of money for your efforts.  Just like designs and teaching there are platforms that help you host and sell your photographs. 

Sell designs – Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel etc

Similar to print on demand, photography and teaching you could also sell stuff you can create on Photoshop. You can sell your Photoshop templates, designs, backgrounds, skins for games and now the new fad i e. NFTs.