Issues and Challenges in Indian Education System

educaretech issues-and-challenges-in-indian-education

Parents love to boast about their kids when they are small, yet as they grow older many parents find their children not good enough compared to other kids. Why is this? Is there a sudden change in parents attitudes or the child has lost his talents or is it that our system does not support our children’s talents. Let’s talk […]

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Contributions by Muslims to Modern Civilization

Apart from many Great contributions some of which have been listed below, the one I find very important personally is the preservation of knowledge of Greek, Indian and Persian Science and Arts. We know of many things from these three ancient civilizations only because of Arab Scientists and Historians. (Special Mention of Ibn Batuta). Another personal favorite is Human Rights. Yes, I […]

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Grammar Lessons for SSC Maharashtra Board STD 10

This is collection of Grammar videos on Youtube that are part of the syllabus of STD 10 of Maharashtra Board English Medium. All Grammar that has been included in the kumarbharati textbook 10th std. Best of Luck for your Board exams and Happy Learning. Clauses and Simple, Complex and Compound Sentence. Learnhub academy  Phrases and Clauses LearnEnglish lab  Figures of […]

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THE NIGHT THE GHOST GOT IN By James Thurber Part 2


Summary of Part 2 In this part the neighbour – Mr Bodwell – whose window glass had been broken with mother’s shoe looks out of the window very angry. Mother shouts and asks him to call the police. The police came very fast. There were a few reporters with them. They knocked on the door, but mother did not allow James […]

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THE NIGHT THE GHOST GOT IN By James Thurber Part 1


Summary of Part 1 In this part James hears somebody walking near the dining table downstairs. He wakes up his brother Herman and calls him out of his room. When they looked downstairs they felt as if the steps were walking up the stairs towards them. Herman ran to his room and slammed the door shut while James slammed the […]

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THE NIGHT THE GHOST GOT IN By James Thurber – Summary


This is a story of one night in the author’s house. These extracts are from a book by James Thurber : “My life and hard times”. It is an auto biographical story that means the author is writing about himself. But it is a fictional account. Summary of all Three parts The story starts with the author coming out of […]

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THE NIGHT THE GHOST GOT IN By James Thurber The story starts with the author coming out of the bathroom while drying himself. That’s when he hears footsteps downstairs near the dining table. He wakes up his brother Herman. They go to the back stairs to listen to footsteps. Herman got scared and ran back into his room and slammed […]

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What is the problem with the Muslim Education?

In a series of small posts I will try to explore the feasibility of mosques as schools. I write this article to find a solution to some problems that seems to be invisible to most Muslims. At the same time this article is an attempt to reach out to like minded Muslims who can see the problems, but have not […]

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Making technology Work for Education

using technology to teach and learn

The biggest pain points of Indian education are lack of resources, you can read that as  Qualified teachers and time for these teachers so that they can help children in need of guidance. Any parent whose child is not performing in school will take you the reason – the teacher. Teachers are people who tell the child what to study […]

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Our Education System Needs a Revamp


The education system needs a revamp. Almost everybody knows that. So the question is why doesn’t anybody do something about it? Students do not gain anything from their years in school. It is like 10 precious years of school thrown away in hope that one day the child will learn something. In the meanwhile there are businesses that benefit from […]

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