Verbs List with Present and Past Tense – 2

educaretech verbs words that denote action

Verbs List with Present and Past Tense for you to practice in your sentences. S.No. Base Form Past Form Past Participle Form 101 carve carved carved 102 cash cashed cashed 103 cast cast cast 104 catch caught caught 105 cause caused caused 106 cease ceased ceased 107 celebrate celebrated celebrated 108 challenge challenged challenged 109 change changed changed 110 charge […]

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Verbs List with Present and Past Tense – 1

educaretech verbs words that denote action

Verbs List with Present and Past Tense for you to practice in your sentences. S.No. Base Form Past Form Past Participle Form 1 abash abashed abashed 2 abate abated abated 3 abide abode abode 4 absorb absorbed absorbed 5 accept accepted accepted 6 accompany accompanied accompanied 7 ache ached ached 8 achieve achieved achieved 9 acquire acquired acquired 10 act […]

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Present Continuous Tense & Past Continuous Tense

educaretech present continuous

Present Continuous Tense When we talk about Present Continuous Tense we use words that denote actions that are usually happening right now. What I – the First Person – The speaker am doing right now. For example if I am walking in the park and someone inquires about my whereabouts I will reply that : I am walking in the […]

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Future Trends of Digital Education in India


Urban India has usually been quick to adapt new technology. Technology revolutionized the commercial sector including the publishing industry, the automobile industry and almost every aspect of urban life. Yet for some reason it did not influence the way we learn. However, that seems to be changing now. Digital Education in India now looks like it will scale new horizons. […]

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Simple Present Tense in English Grammar Explained in Hindi

educaretech simple-present-tense

What is Simple Present Tense Simple present tense, also known as present indefinite is the base form of a verb. The action that it represents is that of something that happens regularly. The word that will be used when talking in simple present tense will be the base form of the verb. Simple Present Tense Rules For example play will […]

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Indian Education System Problems


The Indian education system problems have increased in the past many years and there is a need to revamp the system completely. Almost everybody knows that. So the question is why doesn’t anybody do something about it? Who are the Stake Holders in Education ? Students do not gain anything from their years in school. It is like 10 precious […]

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Challenges for Digital Learning

educaretech Challenges for Digital Learning

There is no doubt that education is a large service market and one of the safest investment areas in the country now. Unfortunately, our system and process of teaching is still the same. India’s education budget coupled with huge philanthropic donations both domestic and internationally is not being able to solve our education problem. Approximately 58% of the children who […]

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SAS Training Institutes in Mumbai

Data Science Training Educaretech

SAS is the most sought-after training today.  The A number of courses offered by different institutes are available to choose from. These institutes provide specialization courses, some even offering online courses and certifications. There are various training formats as well. Edvancer is ranked among the top ten institutes in India, with alumni from IIT and IIM and has trained 3000+ […]

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Urban Education Worse than Poorer Districts – Survey by NAS

students in urban maharashtra

Urban Maharashtra sliding down the charts The national achievement survey NAS had highlighted what has been worrisome trend for some time. That the urban education situation has become bad. It is not easy to slide down below districts like Ratnagiri and Beed in education, no less. What use is then the connectivity, the technology, the facilities that people talk about […]

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Issues and Challenges in Indian Education System

educaretech issues-and-challenges-in-indian-education

Parents love to boast about their kids when they are small, yet as they grow older many parents find their children not good enough compared to other kids. Why is this? Is there a sudden change in parents attitudes or the child has lost his talents or is it that our system does not support our children’s talents. Let’s talk […]

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