Learning English Grammar in Hindi – Demonstrative Pronoun

Demonstrative pronouns are used to point out something or to show what you are saying about, in short to point to what you are talking about . Demonstrative pronouns are :- this,that,these,those . They are used to point/refer things , objects , people, whether they are close to us or far.  Here are some rules you need to follow while […]

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Are Open Book Exams Useful?

Open book examination is useful when the information that is being asked in the exam is very extensive and it is not important to remember them. Open book examination can improve your reference skills and the information you actually remember is where you can find certain information in the reference books. So you can see that open book exams are […]

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NIOS Class 10 Business Studies Chapter 1

NIOS Class 10 Business Studies Chapter 1 – Introduction to Business nios class 10 business studies book nios business studies 10th Watch video explanation: Watch Hinglish explanation of business studies for the NIOS board. Read directly from the NIOS Class 10 Business studies book.pdf, NIOS Class 10 chapter 1 introduction Module 1. Learn and Enjoy. Easily accessible, whenever you want […]

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