Meet PM Modi’s ‘Imran Khan’, a teacher who donated 52 educational apps to MHRD

“My India is in that Imran Khan from Alwar,” said Narendra Modi in Wembley Stadium in London while addressing Indian diaspora and the audience rolled in cheer with pride.

Imran Khan, a Sanskrit teacher from a small town Alwar in Rajasthan has all the reasons to get a mention by the Prime Minister as he donated 52 educational apps to Ministry of Human Resource Development for free, contributing his part in Digital India and E-learning. Not only that, his apps have got more than 30 lakh downloads and four crore screen views every day.

Praising his efforts, HRD Minister Smriti Irani enthusiastically tweeted, “Imran Bhai has done a stupendous job. Dedicated his educational apps to d Nation on d 7th of November in Delhi.”

A timid man with undying determination started developing educational android apps for the students after a close encounter with the, then, district collector of Alwar, Ashutosh AT Pednekar. Giving credits to Pednekar, Khan tells that it was him who was his inspiration and motivation for developing apps. “He saw my website and asked me to develop apps as the future lied in it,” Khan told India Today.

Source: India today

Here’s the full story of Imran Khan and his achievements in the field of technology:

1. He is a mathematics teacher at a government Sanskrit senior secondary school and has created 50 apps in less than 3 years.

2. With no formal education in computers, leave alone app development, Imran Khan has learnt everything he knows from books and Google.

His younger brother was a Computer Science engineer and his books were one of the reasons behind his liking for app development.

3. Back in 2005, he learnt HTML and designed a website ( himself to answer general knowledge-related questions.

4. In his website, he introduces himself as a web developer.

“I like to make cool and creative interfaces. My interfaces are always full of refreshing ideas. I like challenges, without challenge I can’t work. Web development is my hobby.”

5. He even took a session in a national seminar at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussorie in 2014 which had IAS officers as his audience.

6. He developed his first app – the NCERT Learn Science – for the Class 9 students back in 2012 and has not looked back, since then.

7. His apps have been downloaded by 2.5 million users and screen views are up to 18 million. Yes. M-I-L-L-I-O-N.

8. Apart from that, his most popular app, the General Science app is a top grosser, with around 500,000 downloads.

9. The then district collector of Alwar, Ashutosh Pednekar was impressed with his design and suggested him to start developing apps.

10. On the other hand, Pednekar believes, he was lucky to have stumbled upon Imran.

As reported by Hindustan Times, this is what he said:

‘We were looking for private players to develop websites for us when somebody suggested his name. So we asked him to develop a couple of websites for us.’

Source: hindustan times