The Race for a Faster News Platform

Google racing towards a Faster News Platform

Faster News Platform

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project

The news is in the news again. The race for the being the most popular news provider has been on for ages. However, in the technology-age the ones who could win the race are people who will offer you the news in short concise form. This is because of a growing number of mobile news consumers rather than desktops and paper format. There is a big list of start-ups who are hopeful contestants in the competition. Now another twist in the tale is getting the news to you faster. As soon as the consumer logs on to the news website he should not have to wait to get his daily dose of news. So the old dinosaurs of the news world and the new fawns are scampering to get their technology right.

Google’s claim to fame has been quick delivery of search queries. Not to forget that Android was developed by Google. The web giant is on its way to make its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project the most preferred place to read news. Soon it will be easier and better to publish news on the AMP rather than your own site.

Let’s wait and see what the other popular social media platforms will bring out of their hats.


Sauban Pathan is a content writer who writes for many blogs and ezines. He also writes blogs for Megatown, a content writing and marketing group and Getstuff, a products and services promotion site.