THE NIGHT THE GHOST GOT IN By James Thurber – Summary

This is a story of one night in the author’s house. These extracts are from a book by James Thurber : “My life and hard times”. It is an auto biographical story that means the author is writing about himself. But it is a fictional account.

Summary of all Three parts

The story starts with the author coming out of the bathroom while drying himself. That’s when he hears footsteps downstairs near the dining table. He wakes up his brother Herman.

They go to the back stairs to listen to footsteps. Herman got scared and ran back into his room and slammed the door shut. James too slammed shut the staircase door. All the commotion woke their mother who came out and demanded to know what was happening. When she did not get a proper answer she thought there was a burglar downstairs.

Mother wanted to call the police, but the phone was downstairs. So she threw her shoe at the neighbors window to request them to call the police.

The police came along with some reporters. They searched downstairs and when they found nothing they came upstairs to tell mother. That’s when they heard the author’s grandfather in the attic. They rushed upstairs to the attic. Grandfather was an old man who believed he was still in the war and as soon as the police entered the attic he started shooting at them.

After the police managed to save themselves and come out of the attic, one of the reporters asked James about the matter. James told him about the ghost. Hearing this, all the policemen left.