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Many people like you are looking for a free English learning course because they are not sure where to find a good tutor who can help them learn English and there onward help them speak English fluently.

English speaking is a skill that needs to be acquired and has been growing in popularity over the years. In India there are many students who go through schooling in their native language and have English as a second or third language. Unfortunately, their learning of English is not of high standard and they are unable to learn correct English even though they learn the language for more than just a couple of years. Our Free English Learning Course is specially for those students who know little English or no English. These students would like to learn more and ultimately would like to speak English fluently.

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What to do to learn English speaking?

The above given article outlines the ways you can improve your English speaking by self studies. However, if you really want to speak English fluently, then you need a mentor or a learned companion who can guide you with a plan. A plan is compulsory and you cannot blindly learn pieces of information to speak English fluently.

3 steps to English learning

English can be learned in three steps

  1. Learning English – the language – reading and understanding the language when someone speaks. Of course there is a little bit of the second part which is 
  2. Mastering English writing – writing in a compelling way, speaking superbly like an orator.
  3. Speaking English – speaking fluently, using the right words
  4. Speaking superbly like an orator. Thinking in English

This free Basic English Course takes care of the first part. That is learning the English language so that you can read and understand. Of course you will be able to talk too.

I am completing the course according to my experience of teaching hundreds of students. So stay tuned as I add videos and notes to the Free English Course. Once done I will present my Free English speaking Course Book. 

FREE Basic English Learning Course

If you want an English Learning Plan We have made one for you and you can access if here. You can follow this step by step plan and learn Basic English.

Basic English Learning Course Free

✓ Video lectures
✓ Reading
✓ Writing

FREE Basic English Speaking Course Online:

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English writing course

Learn to write better in one month

Essay, speech, article, blog, resume, letter etc

Face to Face Monday Wednesday Friday

Assignments on alternative days

Important aspects of English Learning included in the course.

Vverbal communication





Effective communication


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