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Basic English Learning

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You are here because you want to learn English. This is a free English learning course for people who do not know basic English. Welcome and read on.

Many people want to learn English and they have made the right choice because English is a universal language. It is a language spoken by a majority of people and a language you can communicate in when you are traveling. You usually come across a few English speaking people in places where you don’t understand local languages. A lot of business communication and documentation is done in English. International business is done in English simply because it is the common language across countries.

The fact that a lot of English speaking western countries are some of the biggest traders of goods and services also makes it important to learn English. Basic job opportunities such as working in a call centre, front office or back office become easy to get since many jobs have been outsourced from English speaking countries. Another reason people want to learn English is that they want to move to an English speaking country. 

So how do you start this journey? This free English course sets you on the right path. Click on the link given below to go to my page where my step by step plan to learn English has been given. The most important part of any learning program is the plan. You could have the biggest excitement to learn English, but all of that fizzles out if you don’t have a plan.

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