English Reading Exercise 12

Here’s an English Reading exercise. Read the passage and try to answer the questions given below.

If you are part of Sauban Sir’s class then please hand write the answers and send it to him on his chat number.

This passage is designed as an introduction. The speaker gives a brief introduction and goes on to describe the place he lives in. In this passage the speaker also introduces his friend. In other words, you can learn to introduce someone else too. This is a learning and comprehension passage.

Hi. I am Amit.
I am an engineer. 
I am from Delhi.
Delhi is the capital of India.
It is a big city.
The Parliament building is in Delhi.
All members of parliament sit in the parliament.
The Prime Minister and the President live in Delhi.
Delhi has many monuments.
There is the Red Fort, the Qutb Minar and the India Gate.
The roads there are wide and clean.
This is Akshay.
He is a doctor.
He lives in Mumbai.
He lives with his parents.
His brother and sister live with him.
Mumbai is a big city too.
It is the financial capital of India.
There are offices of many big companies here.
Mumbai also has many old monuments.
There is the Gateway of India, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus and the Town Hall.
I live in Mumbai now.
Akshay and I live nearby.

English Reading Exercise Questions:

Is Amit a doctor?

Where is he from?

Is Delhi the capital of India?

Is Delhi a small city?

Which buildings are there in Delhi?

Who sits in the parliament?

Does the Prime Minister live in Mumbai?

Is Akshay a doctor?

Does he live in Mumbai?

Who lives with him?

Is Mumbai a big city?

Are there many offices of big companies in Mumbai?

Are there few monuments in Mumbai?

Which monuments are there in Mumbai?

Does Amit live in Delhi now? 

Do Amit and Akshay live far away?

Does Delhi have only a few monuments?

Are the roads in Delhi narrow and dirty.