English Reading Exercise 14

English Reading Exercises are good for you to practice your reading and comprehension. There are a few questions given below for you answer.

In this passage there is introduction of self and the speaker also shows us who else lives in his house.

Hi! I am Muhammad.
I live in Mumbai.
I have a house in Bandra.
My house has 3 bedrooms.
I stay in one bedroom.
My parents sleep in one of the bedrooms.
My sisters use one bedroom.
My bedroom is blue in colour.
My parents’ bedroom is green.
My sisters’ bedroom is pink in colour.
I have two sisters. 
Their names are Amina and Fatima.
They are students.
One is in school and the other is in college.
The younger sister studies in secondary school.
The elder sister studies in Wilson college.
The one in Wilson college studies science.
Wilson college is in Girgaum.
It is near Chowpatty.
My younger sister’s school is near our house.
My elder sister’s college is far away from our house.
My younger sister walks to school.
My elder sister catches a bus to school.
My father is a businessman.
He has a clothes shop.
His Shop is in Hill Road in Bandra.
His Shop is famous.
Many people buy from his shop.
It has clothes of a wide variety and the latest fashion.
The shop is wide and long and has one floor in it.
The ground floor is for gents and the first floor is for ladies.
I go to my father’s shop sometimes.
I sell clothes too when I go there.
Come visit our shop soon.
The Regal Readymade Garments.

English Reading Exercise Questions

Where does Muhammad live?

Where in Mumbai does Muhammad have a house?

How many bedrooms does his house have?

Who lives in the other bedrooms?

What colour is Muhammad’s bedroom?

What colour is his sisters’ bedroom?

What colour is his parents’ bedroom?

What do his sisters do?

What are the names of his sisters?

Where does the younger sister study?

Where does the elder sister study?

What does the elder sister study?

Is the elder sister’s college near Muhammad house? 

Is Chowpatty near her college?

Is the younger sister’s school near the house?

How does the younger sister go to school. 

How does the elder sister go to school?

What does Muhammad’s father do?

Does Muhammad’s father own a restaurant?

Where is his father’s shop?

Is the shop popular?

Do many people know about the shop?

Does the shop sell old fashioned clothes?

Is the shop small?

Where is the ladies section?

What is the name of the shop?