Cricket Match between India and Pakistan

The T20 cricket world cup has started and the most awaited match between India and Pakistan was held on Sunday. A cricket match between India and Pakistan is usually held on Sundays since it is very exciting to watch.

cricket match between India and Pakistan

India won the toss and decided to field. Muhammad Rizwan and Babar Azam came down to bat for Pakistan. Babar Azam was out LBW in the first over itself. Muhammad Rizwan was caught out when Pakistan had only 15 runs on the board. Iftekhar Ahmad and Shaan then tried to stabilise the Pakistani innings. Iftekhar scored 51 runs before being dismissed by Muhammad Shami. Shadab Khan and Haider Ali were out in quick succession. Muhammad Nawaz was also caught behind with the score board showing 115. They were all dismissed by Hardik Pandya. Pakistan finished their innings with 159 on the scoreboard and 8 wickets down.

India too couldn’t get off to a good start. KL Rahul was bowled out by Naseem in the second over itself. India lost Rohit Sharma early too. Surya Kumar Yadav too was caught behind when India’s score was only 26. Hardik Pandya and Virat Kohli stabilized the Indian innings. Hardik Pandya was dismissed by Nawaz on 40. Dinesh Karthik was stumped out when India needed only two runs to win.

This exciting cricket match between India and Pakistan was won by thanks to Virat Kohli’s fantastic knock of 82.

scorecard of Cricket Match between India and Pakistan


This is an example of discussing a past event. You will notice that most sentences are used in the past tense.

Past tense words used in the passage.

Past tense / Present Tense

started / start

awaited / await

held / held

won / win

decided / decide

came / come

caught / catch

had / has or have

tried / try

scored /score

dismissed / dismiss

finished / finish

bowled / bowl

lost / lose

stabilized / stabilize

stumped / stump

needed / need


Who was the highest scorer in the Pakistan innings?

Who took the most wickets in India?

True or False

Muhammad Shami was dismissed by Iftekhar Ahmed.

KL Rahul was bowled out when only two runs were remaining on the board.

Virat Kohli played a mediocre innings.

Fill in the blanks with the given words.

1. India ______ to bowl first.

Options: willing | to want | decided | calling

2. Kabir put a brick under the shaky chair to ____ it.

Options: hit | holding | stabilize | find out

3. Kunal wanted to _____ first so he could watch cricket.

Options: eating | climbed | finish | threw