Indian Education System Problems


The Indian education system problems have increased in the past many years and there is a need to revamp the system completely. Almost everybody knows that. So the question is why doesn’t anybody do something about it?


Who are the Stake Holders in Education ?

Students do not gain anything from their years in school. It is like 10 precious years of school thrown away in hope that one day the child will learn something. In the meanwhile there are businesses that benefit from this neglect. Private tuition classes are the obvious culprits who actually help children pass. Work that should have been done by the schools. When will the stake holders be responsible to dictate what should be in the curriculum rather than politicians and bureaucrats who have their own agenda. 

Who decides what we learn?

Why should every state have a say in the syllabus rather than people who it is supposed to help. The syllabus should be decided by industry people who need young talent to be competent on the global level. The syllabus should be decided by parents who would like to have a say in what their child should be learning. And of course most important the syllabus should be decided by the students who have to study and go on to take up a career in their chosen field.

Do the children have a say?

Ask the children? What do they know. Yet the decision to allow children to the next class was supposed to be a child friendly decision. What good did that do? Children need to learn some basics while they are growing up. These basics should be taught to them in the first few years of school. Basic math, languages, science that would help them in life. All other agendas should be put aside. Up till a certain age the basics should be made strong and then the studies that will help in future career should click in.

The much awaited results

Exams should then be easy to give. Whenever the student wants according to his pace. The authorities are so rushed to make children skilled labour that they are not concerned about the mental and physical health of students. What we need is a young person who had decision making abilities and who is sure footed about his choices and not whimpering puppies who take up whatever is offered or get waylaid by the side.