Current Scenario of Education in Modern India

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They say a chain is as strong as the weakest link. Similarly, schools are as strong as their teachers. Even the best teachers are struggling to finish their syllabus. They are teaching students obedience, discipline, and to do what they’ve been asked to do. No doubt these qualities are useful too. Patience is a virtue and students are learning that by sitting in uninteresting classrooms waiting for the bell to ring. Welcome to Education in Modern India.

Teachers are giving away information on the board every day, in which they have become masters. Behind them are 3 students who are paying attention while the rest of the class is busy in various activities including finding out who can make the best paper rockets, a chalk throwing match, passing chits to people in the furthest corners of the class etc. Fortunately, if the teacher doesn’t find out about the commotion behind her back then she will give a brief explanation and homework. Unfortunately, if she finds out and it makes her angry then the students will have to learn the lesson themselves and do the homework. Either ways there is no time to make sure all in the class have understood what was being taught.

So there are students who have mastered the art of learning from the board and acing tests. These are the students who stand first in class and these students are the favorites of the teachers. The other students succeed in various degrees. Most of them will never talk to teachers throughout their school life. They will believe they are mediocre. Their belief will become stronger because sometimes teachers will make them the subject of their jokes. 

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Education in modern India started increasing sports activities and physical activities and there is a continuous teacher improvement programme. Schools, if you’ve noticed have taken over a project based curriculum. That’s because there is a demand for experiential learning. Unfortunately, in the name of experiential learning we have projects and videos. Both are good, but is video good for concept understanding. And everyone knows who is doing those projects. Parents usually do the complete project assignment for their children because they don’t want to lose marks.

The Assessment Scam

Teachers are awarding marks and prizes to children acing assessments. 

The assessments don’t allow you to be different. Although many schools claim to be focusing on understanding, students are still complaining that marks are cut when answers are not given according to a preset format. And I am talking about answers that are correct. What about questions that are open ended and can be different with different students. You know what? Nobody is asking them!

However, let me remind here that all is not gloomy for the students we call back benchers. Some of them will become powerful entrepreneurs. How is that possible you ask.

This is one more way the system doesn’t allow you to grow. Why is that most success stories you hear are of people who either did not get education or dropped out? That is because those stories are fascinating. Nobody wants to know about stories where the protagonist studied a lot for good grades and carved out success for himself. These guys are all around you. 

Even today when it comes to studies, parents will ground students by stopping games. Physical and virtual. 

Today’s school curriculum has added physical activities and project based learning but schools are implementing them only to fulfill obligations not because they believe it’s true.

Is it possible for education in Modern India to forget marks and let the children learn on their own? Let them finish the projects, give them time to learn on their own?