The Problem About How to Choose a Career

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Studies over. Holiday on. This is probably the time children will have most fun simply because they know there is work to be done after the results. So even if they feel tired they still want to take advantage of this particular period which happens only after exams and specifically after board exams. 

We should not stop them from having fun. But when they do take a break we need them to do something for themselves. Have a certain idea what they would like to do in life.

We can categorize children into 2 broad types regarding career and future planning.

Career Guidance – 2 categories of students 

1. Students who have an idea what they are going to do or how to choose a career. Notice I did not say students who know what they want to do. These students have chosen science. Maybe they want to become doctors or engineers or chartered accountants. This all depends on their environment they have been brought up in. Maybe their parents are already in the profession they have chosen. It is also highly possible that the children have chosen the profession because they saw themselves as a doctor or engineer or a CA.

Part of this category are children who are from business class and they know what they would eventually be doing. Unless of course they decide on a different path.

2. The second and large chunk of students have no idea how to choose a career. They are the ones whose parents are either in small jobs or in occupations that are less glamorous. Chances are they are not earning handsomely either. That is the reason they do not encourage their children to emulate them. 

The problem in how to choose a career

The problem with these children is that they have minimum direction about how to choose a career and no aspiration since they have no one to emulate. They are now waiting for their results so they can choose their stream according to their marks. Good marks and they will probably go to commerce. Some will probably take up science. If some get not so good marks then they will take arts. Some will fail. For these students the options are for giving the exam again or get to work – or as parents would say learn something worth while.

These a the students that make a difference to the progress of any nation because they constitute a big chunk of the student body. And these are the ones that need direction about how to choose a career.

Unfortunately, for them they have wasted 12-13 years of their life learning something which they did not grasp fully and something which they may not find useful in their professional life.

These children will go to college in herds. They will choose the college their close friends have chosen. They go to college because they want to enjoy college life. For most of them it’s the thrill of wearing trendy clothes and being away from nagging parents. However, when most of them, not all, but most of them, graduate they will usually look for jobs by influence because they have no inkling what use the information that they learned in school is.

So what’s the solution to the question how to choose a career

In the face of it, the solution is simple. You noticed how or school and college system works. It gives one size fits all information

Give these children direction about how to choose a career. And once they are sure where they want to go – give them information.