Making technology Work for Education

using technology to teach and learn

The biggest pain points of Indian education are lack of resources, you can read that asĀ  Qualified teachers and time for these teachers so that they can help children in need of guidance. Any parent whose child is not performing in school will take you the reason – the teacher. Teachers are people who tell the child what to study at home, when it is their job to explain concepts. Teachers are the people who make ridiculous demands for projects which they have never taught their students and know that parents will eventually make it and send the project to school. In short teachers are to blame for students spending so much time in school but not learning anything.

Are we setting up are teachers to fail?

We have put teachers in such a position that they are bound to fail. We want then to complete the curriculum. Give and assess projects. Design, take and assess tests. Do other admin work. And also help children learn. The priorities are not defined and like any other good employee they prioritize according to the demands of the administration. No wonder they fail! They are doing what they are held accountable for and the responsibility to teach is never a priority unless the school decides that’s what they want to do. That is why we have good schools and bad schools.

We should try and give the teachers more time with the students. How? Thank fully the education ministry probably after realizing the need of the hour has decided to use technology. The government with is vast resources and funding can record lectures and programmes of concepts that are taught in school. There are enough studies floating around and experts who are authorities in the field of education and learning who can guide us with learning methods and outcomes. Test design and assessments can also be handled by technology today leaving the teacher free to concentrate on individual weaknesses of the students.

A teacher in Finland where they firmly believe that children should have fun while learning and implement what they call learning to learn style of teaching usually devotes around three hours per student. But their school days are short. Although we can definitely ease up on our students they can spend time in school learning new skills rather than simply knowing what to study for the exams.

Standardized tests should be given but not to differentiate between students but rather make it easy for them to learn at their own pace.