How to Choose a Successful Career, Business or Profession

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To Choose a Successful Career at anything you should know what success in that particular field is.You also need to know the inherent qualities you have that you can enhance. You can decide if you want to be successful in a business. Or you have certain skills that you would like to make your profession or are already into it and want to succeed in it. You may be a salaried person and want to be successful at what you do.

Success may be a promotion. Success maybe money. Maybe you want to be successful with your family. For many success is simply being happy or being famous. Once you know what is to be successful then you can move on to finding out how to be successful in your chosen field.

educaretech choosing a career

How do you measure success.

In my years of experience teaching communication skills I learnt that success to many young people was having a big house, a big brand car and a swanky office. Some had even planned the interior design of their office, the location of their house and the brand of car they would own – when they would be successful – which was almost definite in their minds. However, the one thing they had not thought about was how they would achieve this. To have a dream is not bad, but most people are not dreaming about their goals, but the benefits of their goals.


If someone says he or she wants to have a Mercedes or a BMW or a Bugatti or Ferrari that is at most a short term goal or a low aim. It is usually a joke to say you want a Toyota. Everybody will chide you for not being ambitious enough and setting low goals. The person himself may even take pride for “being practical”. But neither side will usually ask how? The most important question in the whole equation is – How? While a group of people believe that success is a lot of hard work and loads of luck, another group feels working smart not hard and having the right contacts not luck will bring success. Both sides are right to a certain degree.

Your goals whatever you define them to be

A big branded car, a home in the city’s swankiest localities has to be backed up by a plan. So instead of arguing about ambitions and goals plan how to get it done.

I had a colleague who wanted a corner office with some employees working for her. I thought she was pleasantly ambitious. Unfortunately, she did not have a plan. One day she came up to me and introduced me to a young fellow. I felt that she looked far more beautiful than he deserved but who was I to judge. Love is blind. She had met him in one of the events we used to organise for our company. Some days later she informed me she had decided to get married to the guy. As a good friend I was happy for her at the same time raised some objections about how they had just met and it was too early. I stopped myself for worrying too much. I thought it was probably because I felt the boy was not a match to my friend and that was preventing me for being happy for her. However, in the course of our discussions she said something so wild I almost fell out of my chair. She told me not to worry about her since she was actually marrying to get that corner office she dreamed about always. This guy had the means to get that for her. I was convinced she had lost her marbles and tried to convince her otherwise. Now even more argumentatively. But she wouldn’t hear of it. I am sorry to say that story did not end well and you can understand why.


This story illustrates that when you don’t have a plan and grab at the first opportunity you believe is golden it could be a huge risk. If it doesn’t work out, like in the case of my friend, but it could be worse when you have a degree of success, but are stuck with something you do not enjoy or even hate doing.

What would you love doing if you had the money?

So the first step you should take today is to plan. Write down the first thing that comes to your mind regarding your success. We have a long way to go. Write down what you wish you would love to do. Imagine that somebody is paying you to do it. Sleeping and whiling away time is not an option, but anything productive that could help someone else . Sir back and take a long look at what you have written and ask yourself would you do that work day in and day out yet feel absolutely comfortable.

One thing to remember here is that whatever you choose to do you may get bored of it. But mind you there are two types of bored. One is getting bored of something and you don’t want to see or hear about it ever again. Like a person I knew. He wanted to be a car mechanic, but a couple of months into the job he shuddered to even think about going back and one day he simply left the job never to return. He started hating being a mechanic so much that the smell of petrol or grease made him sick.

The other kind of bored is that you need a break. This can be easily solved by a small vacation in a nice attractive place paid by the money you earn doing what you like.


One more thing is that if you are doing what you like then it becomes so easy for you that it is like breathing and you can do it in your sleep.

Once you have decided that what you’ve written is final then wrap the paper and keep it near your bed. Sleep over it and look at it the next morning. If you believe that it may not be something that you would enjoy doing all your life then repeat the exercise. Look for your favorite work in the things that you do daily. You may enjoy teaching stuff. Reading News and discussing current affairs. Whatever! Just thinking aloud here. Write it down again and repeat the exercise.

If you like it the next morning, be double sure. After one more day take a look at the what you have written again. If you still believe you are willing to do this work all your life, then you are good to go. If you believe that you can get up every day and are looking forward to go to work because you love what you do then you are ready to take the next step. That is, how you choose a career.