9 Study Techniques to Avoid Distractions and Improve Your Scores

Isn’t it nice to see a student get good marks and when people congratulate him or her then we imagine that what if we were the ones who could have done better only if we were able to sit down to study like he or she did. At last we conclude they are just studious book worms and we probably […]

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How to Create Interest in Studies

Doing something that you don’t like to do is very taxing on your brain and body. The simplest advice anybody can give is, don’t do it and move on to something you like. However, this advice cannot apply to studies and subjects that are compulsory to be taken for certain exams you need to clear. So how to create interest […]

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Indian Education System and Urmila, the Little Sad Girl

Urmila, the little chirpy girl Urmila was a chirpy little girl who liked to play with her friends and her little doll. Her favourite game was playing teacher. She used to gather her friends and teach them her favourite subject Math and English. Her parents were so proud of her and used to point out how she usually got all the […]

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